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Subj: Re: I think the answer might be to just age the O5
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 at 06:52:42 pm EDT (Viewed 350 times)
Reply Subj: I think the answer might be to just age the O5
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 11:29:09 pm EDT (Viewed 436 times)

    Warren is a flighty guy with wings since X-Force. Bobby is dealing with being an adult and gay, but he's almost indistinguishable from his younger counterpart. Beast is a bit off and has been for a while. Cyclops is dead. Jean is dead.

I think "flighty guy with wings" is my favorite phrase of the week.

Thing is, all Warren ever needed to do was to use his immense wealth to gear himself up with high tech goodies.

Bobby should never have been made gay. The whole gay thing is too on the nose when the X-Men are already a metaphor for being gay.

The Beast has been ruined for such a long time. When exactly did it happen? When he did stop having the personality he had when he was an Avenger?

Cyclops being dead is a relief. The whole point of Scott (post Giant-Size) was to be the un-Wolverine. So what does Marvel decide to do? Make him more like Wolverine. Nobody wanted him to be that. Not even Wolverine.

Jean's first death was the culmination of quite possibly the best Shakesperean tragedy ever attempted in comics. She absolutely 100% should not have been brought back. Ever.

Maybe the next to die should be Hank, Warren, and Bobby. Imagine an X-universe where Xavier, Scott, Jean, Hank, Warren, and Bobby are all dead - and the X-Men continue with their mission using only the characters that weren't created by Stan and Jack. It would almost be a relief.

    Wouldn't the best way to deal with the O5 is just to age them appropriately...make them about in the 20s and leave it at that? Maybe even merge them with their dopplegangers from this time so that they have their experiences, but also their own experiences?

Or Marvel could go even more insane than they already have - and while retaining the 1963 squad, bring back both the 1975 versions and the 1986 versions of the original X-Men! And resurrect any inconveniently deceased 21st century versions! We could have four living versions of each character!

    I mean, that is a derivation of the Phoenix power, but I think one that could easily bring characters back into their proper places without retconning everything.

    Because I still rather like O5 Jean Grey trying to be someone different. I like a Scott Summers that got to spend time with his dad. I like a Bobby dealing with his sexuality and a Warren having a weird relationship with Laura. Heck, I prefer the O5 Beast to the 616 Beast because at least he's not all mad scientist mode.

The O5 Beast is a mad sorcerer. Let's face it - and we all know this is true - Hank McCoy has no hope in life without the positive influence of Simon Williams.

    It would make sense to just do a replacement swap and age them. Because it would be just stupid to kill them off, because that would be mean-spirited and crappy...like mind-wiping them and putting them back into the original stories.

I think Marvel has intended all along just to kill them off.

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