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    Except for the hair, she looks like a teen.

That is part of the problem with the limitations of comicbook artwork. Hair is a big factor for bringing over a character's age to the readers, and apart from that you're often left high and dry. Take for instance Charles Xavier. In X-Men vol. 1 he was supposedly in his early 20s (he says his parents worked on the first atom bomb), later he was supposedly in his 60s or 70s (roughly in the same age-group of Holocaust survivors Magneto and Gaby Haller in the early 1980s while he still had his original body), but there was hardly a difference to his looks unless he is very exhausted. Reed Richards as rendered by most artists could probably have passed for a guy in his late teens or early 20s if it wasn't for his grey temples. And male characters tend to get more wrinkles in the faces than female ones.

I was 23 when Rogue first appeared, and I never thought she might be a teenager or young enough to be Mystique's daughter before the Claremont/Paul Smith run on UXM, when she became a hero(1). Indeed, the way she tended to assume a position as Mystique's full equal I assumed she was in or close to Raven's age-group. In this context, let's not forget her appearances in ROM #17-18 and 31-32, where Rogue calls Mystique odd nicknames (IIRC "Mysti-honey" or somesuch) that it had me wondering if Bill Mantlo was trying to inject a lesbian subtext into the relationship(2), and where Rogue also uses the alias "Dr. Kellog" without poeple asking "Aren't you a little young to be a doctor?" ("Yes, yes I am." - bonus Phineas and Ferb ref.).

In an interview I read Paul Smith recalled how surprised he was that Rogue was supposed to be a teenager. Quoted from my memory, the conversation with Claremont went like this:
Paul Smith: "Sixty years old? Surely she's a bit younger than that?"
Chris Claremont: "I said sixTEEN, not sixty."

(1) In Marvel one often gets the impression that villains on average are written as older than the heroes.
(2) My general impression was that Mantlo wrote Rogue roughly in Mystique's age-group (of course Mystique was then still written as considerably younger than she later became) and Destiny as appreciably older.

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