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Subj: Re: Pitch a book for Jean Grey......
Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 at 03:19:14 pm EDT (Viewed 387 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Pitch a book for Jean Grey......
Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 at 12:34:11 pm EDT (Viewed 399 times)

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    I would have her first four-issue arc be about dealing with her return and with the X-Men. She gets caught up on the status quo, she hugs, cries and punches a few fellow mutants. Maybe the Juggernaut shows up and she single-handedly defeats him WITHOUT any sign, sniff or even passing hint of the Phoenix.

Sounds good so far.

    And then she leaves the X universe.

I'm good with this too, because - and I sincerely and strongly believe this - if a mutant can't be successful in a non-mutant context, then that mutant is at best B-list, probably more like C-list.

Does Wolverine - say what you will, he's unquestionably A-list - work in a non-mutant context? Yes, of course he does. He can be placed in any conceivable context, just as Spider-Man (or any A-lister) can. In fact, versatility of this sort may well be a criterion for being A-list in the first place.

If Jean can only work in a mutant context, then she is, at best, B-list - and why bother resurrecting a B-list character? (By this logic, of course, Bucky should have stayed dead - and lo and behold, I do in fact contend that Bucky should have stayed dead.)

    No Mr. Sinister lurking around the corner, no Mastermind or Shadow King in the mirror. No More X-Universe.

I'm still with you.

    Who would be an awesome character to pair up in a Hard Traveling Heroes themed arc (issues 5-10)? I am leaning toward She-Hulk, all grey and out of sorts. Oe maybe Captain Monica....minus Blue Marvel...with the exception of a few cameos. Somehow they are drawn together.

Yuck. I hate Thelma & Louise stories.

    Better yet, maybe her new pal and potential traveling companion is Zemo.
    Maybe they have a weird connection....working arrangement with each other. They meet and she's like, "I don't work with Nazi blood" and remarks under his sock and replies "I don't work with planet eaters". Both want to fix the world but in different ways than before, no ties to the past for either. It's like the Thunderbolts for two. And they somehow explain away Zemo's out of character behavior for the last 4-6 years too.

OK. I have to acknowledge the sheer exuberant originality of that suggestion. Never in a million years would I have come up with Jean and Zemo as a duo. So which one is Zemo - Thelma or Louise?

More on this below.

    I would have some weird circumstance and have her linked to the ghost of Rick Jones...like Rick and Capt. Marvels....just for an arc before Rick is saved (STILL NO PHOENIX, NEVER ANY PHOENIX!!)

NEVER ANY PHOENIX! What a sweet motto. I love it.

But here again - Jean and Rick Jones? Exuberant originality continues to demand acknowledgment.

    And throughout the Rick arc, you have him teasing her about all the stupid things the X-Men have done over the last 13 years since she was dead.

So Rick would provide the snark factor. Interesting. I'm getting a Difficult People (Netflix original series) vibe, but with neither character gay.

OK. So do I have any better ideas?

No. I've been wracking my brain and I just can't come up with any Jean Grey solo story that's worth telling.

Because she doesn't exist solo. She only exists in relation to other characters, primarily Scott, Professor X, Logan - and the Phoenix, cosmic entity, although Hank, Bobby, and Warren were always pretty important too.

This is similar to how Wanda only existed in relation to Pietro, the Vision, and Wonder Man. Or how Susan Richards only existed in relation to Reed, Johnny, Ben, Franklin, and Valeria.

Hmm. Jean and Zemo. Hmm. This may sound crazy, but I think there's a story to be told here. Jean will only be interesting if she's given an agenda. That's what she never had, except when driven by the Phoenix. An agenda. Which is what Wanda never had, until she went insane. And what Susan Richards never had, except when she turned evil.

So the agenda will be: Jean and Zemo take over the world - for the good of sapient beings everywhere. What do you think?

I am happy that you are happy, you are kind in your praise. Sadly, we both know there is a snowball chance in hell Marvel would ever make anything so original for Jean. She will be tied to the X-Men and the Phoenix like a large anchor dragging her down into uselessness once more. What a waste.

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