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Subj: Re: Baroness Zemo and Phoenix (insane rambling inside)
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 12:14:56 pm CDT (Viewed 397 times)
Reply Subj: Baroness Zemo and Phoenix (insane rambling inside)
Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 at 10:04:31 am CDT (Viewed 436 times)

    I've been wanting a Zemo/Jean story for years.

See? That's what I'm talkin' about.

    Helmut becomes the Phoenix Entity and takes back the Phoenix codename and Jean becomes his wife Baorness Zemo.


Just sayin'.

    (Fixer is Best Man, Storm is maid of honor. Beast officiates) Jean's not a fan of his politics but she likes his moxey and never give up attitude.

Now we're getting somewhere. I mean, really, Zemo is only maybe one step down from Logan. (Let's not conveniently forget Wolverine's dark moods. Usually they end with a bloody mess on the floor.)

    When they were dating Jean tells Helmut all about her complicated life. About being dead. He tells her he's been there. About being cloned and her ex marrying said clone. He tells her about his ex wife pretending to be his dad in a woman's body. She tells him how much she hates Emma Frost and he tells her how much she sounds like Karla Sofen and that they're both catty bitches who tear people down and have nothing to offer. She tells him about how devalued she is with her daughter from the future taking her codename, her teen self showing up, the Phoenix entity taking over her life. He tells her how he felt when Dallas Riordan stole his Citizen V codename. how it felt when the Crimson Cowl took over the Masters of Evil and how Bucky coming back robbed his family of their super villainy street creed. She tells him about she felt like Scott made a fool out of her with his emotional affair with Emma. He tells her about how he was trying to save the world and Songbird betrayed him. She tells him about how much it sucks that all her family has been murdered...he tells her about going back in time and realizing all his ancestors were dinks. Jean realizes he's just as scarred as she is but he wears his scars as a badge of honor.

That paragraph was a thing of beauty.

    Zemo not liking time travelers any more than I do convinces Jean how horrible all these monsters are and sets about killing all of Jean's alternate timeline relatives or reincarnations...teen Jean, Hope, Rachel, X-Man, Cable, Stryfe, and just to be safe Hyperstorm and Tyler Askani's corpses and puts them through his father's greatest invention...Woodchipper X a device so powerful that it not only destroys a thing but it also destroys every iteration of that thing in the multuiverse so no other version of it can ever exist again anywhere else either.


I don't hate the time traveling stuff as much as you do, Reverend, but OK, let's run with it.

    With Zemo as her man they decide to honeymoon in the Shi'ar empire incinerating the royalty and the Imperial Guard for all the times they've made Jean miserable like putting her on trial or slaughtering her family. Using the Phoenix Force (and maybe a cosmic cube the Red Skull let him borrow) Zemo brings back Jean's real relatives her parents, her sister and brother in-law, her niece and nephew. Jean becomes pregnant with twins. Helmut bring his father Heinrich back from the dead to meet his grandchildren John and Hilda...but then they argue and Helmut just ends up killing him again.


Just sayin'.

But to be honest, I think Jean and Zemo could take over the Shi'Ar Empire without the Phoenix Force. Watching them try would make for a great story. Remember, aside from those stinking Phoenix stories, I'm pretty sure we've never seen Jean Grey cut loose with her telepathy unhampered by arbitrary moral rules. (Nor with her telekinesis either.) For example, I bet she could kill Gladiator by making him doubt himself so completely that his heart stops.

    After weakening the Shi'ar Empire Zemo takes over where Jean's former brother-in-law Vulcan left off. Earth is made part of the Shi'ar Empire. Helmut using a show of force as the Phoenix Entity makes the Kree, Skrull, Badoon empires submit. They all become one intergalactic empire with Earth as the homeworld. Zemo and Jean with the Phoenix Force rule the empire fairly for a thousand years and prosperity reigns. And they keep Captain America alive because he's so jealous that Helmut brought peace to the universe...Helmut wants him to experience the joy forever.

I would let this end game be witnessed via time travel into the future, but I wouldn't let the comic actually reach this point in the present day.

What I like about your scenario is, it gives Jean an agenda, which is what she needs. Also, as must be obvious, I don't have anything invested emotionally in her remaining a heroine. All I ask is, if she becomes some sort of villain - let her be good at it. Let her be one of the ones who actually carves out a realm to rule. Doom had Latveria. Let Jean and Zemo have the Shi'Ar Emprire - which, let's face it, is a billion times cooler than Latveria.

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