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Subj: What was Jean's role anyway?
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 at 10:54:16 am CDT (Viewed 356 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Nope
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      Especially since Emma seemed to be used a LOT more outside of the X-Books than Jean did when she was alive. And then you had her and Scott's romance (Which negates Jean coming back to romance him and serve as his lover AGAIN!).

    Nah, Emma didn't appear that much more than Jean did outside of the X-books. Inasmuch as all the other main X-Men appeared in the big crossover events, Emma did, but had Jean been around, she would have too. Remember, the first time Jean was brought back, it wasn't even in an X-Men title but in Fantastic Four.

It should not be too hard to determine whether Jean or Emma appeared more frequently outside X-books as there must be websites listing their appearances (which you could then divide by the number of years Jean and Emma were active members of X-teams). But I'm too lazy to do that.

However, I think I'm not the only one who thinks hypothetical appearances should not be counted. ;\-\)

Remember in this context that a lot of the time between GSXM #1 and UXM #137 Jean was not an X-Man proper, but more of a recurring guest-star and that for quite a while the active X-Men believed her to be dead, so there is precedent for Jean being "around" but playing a minor or peripheral role.

That Jean was returned in The Fantastic Four and The Avengers was partly a marketing decision (they wanted to get Marvel readers to pick up the new X-Factor book -- you can compare that e.g. to the Dazzler's debut in the the Dark Phoenix Saga, only Ali actually did something there), partly because they could not do it in Uncanny X-Men because X-Factor depended on Jean being unaware of the then-active X-Men's doings, Scott's marriage etc. for a long time and the explanation of Jean's return took too much space to be done as a subplot in UXM.


      In regards to fake Jean's, franchises do that all the time, and there had to be a reason that no one brought back the real Jean (Up until this point.).

    Yeah, the reason is that two respected writers had killed her off, first Claremont and the Morrison.

In the case of Jean's first death it took just five years to bring her back, and that was less because of respect for CC than because of Jim Shooter's edict that he would not permit Jean to return as the Phoenix. In the case of Morrison, other writers started undoing things he did as soon as he left (the Xorneto thing) and went on to do more in the following years. But it is now 13-14 years since Jean's "Planet X" death.


      They also did the "replacement" Jean after her first death (Rachel Summers, Maddy.). The characters have pretty much moved on, but of course some fans and writers can't let go.

    Marvel has had so many replacement Jeans - Madelyne Pryor, Rachel Grey, Hope Summers, Teen Jean - precisely because she has a role that has to be filled and writers keep trying to fill it because they can't get it right and they can't get it right because they aren't using the real Jean!

I am frankly a bit mystified what important role Jean is supposed to have filled in the past that could not be filled by other people. As far as I can see here roles were

1. Being the only female in an otherwise all-male team
Very much a Golden and Silver Age thing, went out of fashion during the 1960s, hopelessly anachronistic when the O5 format was revived in X-Factor #1. With teen Jean it also only "worked" in a fashion because the teen O5 were literally torn from the past.

2. Being the senior female X-Man
That ended with the launch of the All-New, All-Different team: Storm took the role of leading female X-Man, and in the meantime several X-Women have more active and especially leadership experience than Jean.

3. Being Cyclops' love interest
Obviously a role that has been filled by others for various lengths of time, including Colleen Wing, Lee Forrester, Madelyne Pryor and Emma Frost. Anyway, if the experience of other characters is anything to go by, Marvel dislikes couples to be together for "too" long in general.

4. Being the team psi
A role that Jean had to share (with Professor X at first) from the beginning. In the meantime plenty of characters with variations of telekinesis and/or telepathy have arisen, most of whom have not bee called replacement Jeans.

5. Being the host of the Phoenix
It's not just Jean and Rachel anymore...

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