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Subj: Re: Has House Of M And Decimation Been Undone, Or Is It Still In Play Or Being Referenced?
Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 at 03:56:18 am EST (Viewed 254 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Has House Of M And Decimation Been Undone, Or Is It Still In Play Or Being Referenced?
Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 at 05:30:51 pm EST (Viewed 342 times)



      There has never been a wholesale repowering of the mutant victims. Unless it's shown otherwise, everybody that lost their powers is still depowered. Those repowered are the exceptions to the rule. IMO, they should just repower everyone.

    Maybe now that Bendis is gone, Marvel will stop honoring his stupid "No More Mutants" story line. Maybe Loki will make restoration of mutantkind his one useful act while Sorcerer Supreme. Or a Celestial will do it. Or Gwenpool. Or Squirrel Girl. Just bring the mutants back.

The problem I have is that I don't really see a good reason for wanting to repower everyone (and no, I don't consider a dislike of Brian Bendis and/or for "House of M" good reasons). The Decimation IMO was a sad necessity after Grant Morrison left the X-books with way too many, as in millions too many, mutants. Even Morrison himself had only been able to pretend that this scenario worked by essentially acting as if the X-books happened on a different planet from that on which the other Marvel titles were set. So I can understand if Marvel wants to retain the effects of the Decimation(1), which is to keep the mutant population to a manageable size (especially as in the past two decades the relative importance of the X-books within the totality of Marvel's output has become significantly smaller and as in the past decade interactions between mutant and muggle characters have become a regular thing again). In the meantime, the difficulties "No More Mutants" originally created have AFAIK been overcome: Starting with Hope new mutants can manifest again and to repower your favourite depowered mutant is no more difficult than bringing back dead characters (it is a sad comment on the state of Marvel that I can write that down unironically).

(1) Whatever its faults, the Decimation was less stupid and contrived than Morrison's Genoshan genocide which in the end only affected 16 million essentially faceless and nameless "characters" while leaving the already established characters who happened to be on the island (Emma, Lorna, Magnus) unscathed for no good reason. At least "No More Mutants" also affected characters the readers already knew and cared about.

    Meanwhile, when Bendis wants a mutant, for example Hijack in the Iron Man comic, well, then, of course Hijack has his powers.

Well, that goes not just for Bendis but for any writer who wants to use a mutant who has not yet been established as being repowered.


      El Aguila

    Depowering El Aguila was heinous. Heinous! I love that guy.

Let's just say that there are plenty of characters whose depowering or being killed off bothered me more.

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