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Subj: Re: X-Men Gold #18: *groans*...
Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 at 04:26:19 pm EST (Viewed 123 times)
Reply Subj: X-Men Gold #18: *groans*...
Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 at 02:03:11 pm EST (Viewed 141 times)

    *groan* Amara is in charge?! Aquilla is a good character and deserves facetime but when the X-men are away they chose her to 'run things'. And if she is just taking care of the Damage Control business 'cuz she's handy that's not much better. The School would benefit from a supporting character -or A.I.- (with seniority and experience) in purely an admistrational capacity. It WAS good to have Damage Control rep Ballinger guest star and her banter with him WAS fun.

Not really complaining, but this is pretty random. She and 'Berto were in charge of the Young X-Men briefly, so it's not completely left field. Good to see characters being put to use.

    This sequence reminds us that this is literally the brick and mortar structure that was in Westchester. Hmm... WEHT to all the anti-grav detachments that were floating around. Better that they're written out but it should be explained.

Since they're free-floating, they could be anywhere.

    *groan* Reyes scores a cameo - that's great for her. And the ignored mystery of Prestige's Hound scars is being addressed - but c'mon there has to be tons of med files on Rachel's history that would prevent the doc from being so baffled by 'em.

Yeah, probably.

    Hmm... Sidekick to Kologoth is name Augur. Good to know. Remind me - do we know if "MY LOVE" is just alien royal colloquialism or some LGBTQ hinted relationship factoring in?

Hmm... is it a name or position? Both? Augur is a priestly title.

    *GROAN* Kurt CAN'T die from porting into something now! Because of his rejection from Heaven plotline! Argh. So, we assume he didn't lose consciousness from the pain and immediately re-bamfed into the clear and suffered no internal damage. Another unkillable X-men confirmed for the first time since he came back AFAIK. Death let Ben Reilly (and Kaine) go, the Externals came back, we got another Wolverine recently in Jimmy, etc. Instead of death defying comics do readers want death ignoring comics? Kurt's 'condition' should be put under a microscope ASAP or he'll be bumped of my Top X-men Faves List.

No groan from me, because I'd already figured this would happen. It's the only real reason the rejection from Heaven would have been mentioned in the first place. Whatever though. I'm all for death ignoring in my fantasy fiction. It's pretty much why I read. I sorta wish this was previously established canon for why he shouldn't worry about 'porting in the first place. Not the heaven thing, but it's just not something he should have ever worried about.

    Kologoth's negotiations to let the X-men go was well written. His honesty factor was refreshing for a supervillain scheming. He was entertaining for a change.

If you say so. \:D

    Kitty had decent dialogue and reactions.

Yeah, I guess.

    *groan* The X-men's escort should have been named.

Will it really matter in the long run.

    *groan* Why didn't Armor armor up immediately once the action started? They got a cheap shot off at her. Did like that minimal Japanese font was used (AND TRANSLATED) in her word balloons.

It wasn't really translated... at least not the first set.

    *GROAN* Now, Ink is immortal too?! Is it that easy to mystically tattoo on? (Hmm... What does an "immortal tattoo" look like anyways?) You'd think that... OH C'MON?! He has Spider-man powers and Cyke's optic blast TOO?! How many times will Eric Gitter appear in the same sentence as the phrase DEUS EX MACHINA now?!

Well, he doesn't say "immortal." He just got himself a healing factor and "other things." The tattoos aren't mystical either: they come from a mutant.

Hmm... instead of Ink, he could be the new Mimic if they wanted to.

    Storm was (compratively) a force to be reckoned with -for a change- in this run. And she gets some real dialogue for a change. Finally.

Yeah. Not bad.

Better than typical Guggenheim.

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