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Subj: Re: X-Men Unity Squad: New team idea for Jean....thoughts?
Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 at 01:11:20 pm EST (Viewed 126 times)
Reply Subj: Re: X-Men Unity Squad: New team idea for Jean....thoughts?
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    X-Men Unity Squad:

    1) Jean (duh) flat out, unchallenged leader. Confident but with a sly, playful smirk as in hinting that THIS return is not only gonna stick but that she knows something about Life, the Universe and Everything...like a playful Lala Miller...she knows things.

TBH, I don't get why people want to see Jean Grey as a leader, let alone an unchallenged one, given that that choice seems to derive entirely from being an early member of the X-Men (but if her, why not Iceman, the Beast or Angel?) and from being the occasional wife of longtime leader. It is not that she has been a memorable leader of the X-Men in the past, and certainly most of the people mentioned as potential members of the team have little or (in most cases) no experience of working with her and thus no reason to trust her unquestioningly to lead them. And I wouldn't say that her knowledge of Life, the Universe and Everything is a great help -- neither Layla Miller, nor the Silver Surfer or Captain Mar-Vell ever were shown to be great leaders.

Also, I think it is vitally necessary to make the leader of the X-Men Unity Squad a non-mutant. The Avengers Unity Squad was led first by Havok and then by Rogue, despite the fact that the Avengers never had a "no mutants" membership policy, while the X-teams in general always tended to be "mutants only", which would lead to the X-Men Unity Squad being perceived as "an X-Team with a handful of token non-mutants" so long as it was led by a mutant.

    2) Morph (the closest thing to Exiles) A competent hero and good comic relief used the right way adds to team chemistry

    3 & 4)Monica and Adam, the Blue Marvel (they are either both in or out, collectively)

    5) She-Hulk Because every team is better with Jen. Green, happy, smart, confident and kicking ass.

    6) Justice (probably one of the only mutants never to really and truly where the X)

    7) Songbird (look what the Avengers did for Roberto (Sunspot) da Costa career and rep?) The below-linked article makes a good argument.


    Songbird deserves a good run with a writer likes and gets her


    1) Hawkeye: I would love to see him written old school, (even if he challenges
    Jean to be a leader) but let's be honest, a guy with a bow and arrow has very little purpose in space, only Cap can pull that off because he's Capt.

Personally, I'd see Clint as an obvious candidate for leading this team as he has worked with some pretty eclectic teams in the past, can be a good tactician and has leadership experience.

    2) Baron Zemo: Because, like Jen, when done correctly, he makes any comic better, i would even except a Zemo from an alternate reality right after Avengers/TB 2004 (wow, only 13 years ago since a good Avengers book)

    3) The One True Nova: Richie needs some love.

    4) Wonderman: No pacifist, no craziness. Simon at his best like in the Ms. Marvel/Brian Wood's comic. (can anyone explain to me why Bendis's Mighty Avengers has Simon rocking the safari jacket and turtleneck.

I like that costume, but then I am partial to costumes that aren't too superhero-y, like Rogue's tanktop costume in the 1980s and Storms punk leathers.

    5) Mimic: heroic and good, like the one from Exiles (because i loved the Exiles.



If she was available, I'd love to see the Black Widow in this team; she could second-guess a lot of Hawkeye's decisions. She actually has a bit of experience of working with mutants (in the Champions she lead Iceman, Angel and Darkstar, she also had a bit of experience with Beast in the Avengers, to say nothing of Wanda and Pietro back when they still were mutants) and some biographical connections (especially, of course, with Wolverine) and thuse could play a similar role to that played by the Wasp in Uncannay Avengers.

I guess the title of the book featuring the X-Men Unity Squad could be The Mighty X-Men. ;\-\)

The times she has led in the past were when she possessed a unique relationship to the situation. I suspect this is going to be the case for X-Men Red.

But I really can't wrap my head around that lineup. Nightcrawler is the only one that knows her.

I know writers like to generate new things so they like making bizarre lineups, but c'mon! Most important thing to me are characters and their connections to each other.

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