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Subj: Re: CBR list of 15 X-men characters that we love to hate
Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 at 06:25:07 am EST (Viewed 221 times)
Reply Subj: CBR list of 15 X-men characters that we love to hate
Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 at 11:21:36 pm EST (Viewed 263 times)


    I find it difficult to argue with any of the entries on this list.

    Wolverine, yes sheer over exposure has indeed been a problem for him and many other characters over the years.

    Deadpool: yep, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Prof X. agreed.

    Jubilee: oh yes, very much agreed.

On the other hand I would disagree with quite a few of the entries on the list as I don't think they actually conform to the headline, which is

"Popular X-Men That Everybody Secretly Hates"

For instance I have my doubts as to whether Pixie ever was popular enough to merit appearing on this list. If characters of her importance can make the list, then I have to wonder why Havok (remember the pretty much universally negative reactions to his public statements as leader of the Unity Team in Uncanny Avengers vol. 1), Hope Summers (quite a few fans hated her for not being Jean Grey and for the "unmerited" central role she got to play as the Mutant Messiah) or the Dazzler (weighed down by her original disco look, then reinvented many times without lasting success) aren't on it.

Wolverine is on the list for "overexposure" (a complaint we've been hearing since the late 1980s, really), which really boils down to a faction of X-fandom hating him for being the most popular X-Man. But clearly treating him as the biggest star and having him appear as a guest star all over the Marvel Universe proved commercially viable and continues to do so to this day, so clearly not "everybody" hates Logan but only a minority.

A lot of hate against characters tends to be generated by fans of other characters or relationships (many fans of Rogue/Gambit tend to be extremely negative about any other character Rogue got involved with after breaking up with Gambit), and this trend has been encouraged by Marvel, who in the past decade or two liked to introduce divisive storylines in order to generate controversy and free publicity (in the 1980s it was still possible to like both Wolverine and Cyclops, at least since Schism they encourage the mindset that if you like one of them you have to dislike the other). Also sometimes creators had a tendency to tear down characters in order to build up others at their expense. This happened with Professor X (in order to establish the "power couple" of Scott and Emma as the best X-leaders of all times), but also e.g. with Pixie, who was portrayed as the "better teleporter" vis-à-vis Nightcrawler, which of course led to a backlash from Kurt's not inconsiderable fandom.

Why is Iceman on this list, but not Angel or the Beast? Much of the complaints that are directed at Bobby (and Jean) also apply to Warren and Hank (so could the unstated real reason for including him but not the other two be his recent "outing" as gay?). I'm not even sure if finding Bobby a boring character really amounts to "hating"; I'd say that the Beast actually caused much greater animosity because of various morally questionable decisions, first and foremost for bringing the teen O5 to the present (one of the most divisive aspects of Bendis' tenure). For me the Beast is the most glaring omission on this list.

You'll not be surprised that I very much disagree about Rogue, but since tastes will vary, I'll limit myself to pointing out that the dislike for the movie Rogue came mostly from fans of the comics Rogue. That Rogue was cut out of "Days of Future Past" does not show that Rogue is a bad character, merely that she was badly adapted in a simplified, weakened way for the films that reduced her to utter passivity most of the time and left out some of ther most fascinating aspects (her past as a villain, her family connection to Mystique).

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