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Subj: Re: Rogue and Gambit No 1: Say what?
Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 at 12:01:44 pm CST (Viewed 304 times)
Reply Subj: Rogue and Gambit No 1
Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 at 01:47:48 pm CST (Viewed 281 times)


    I admit it, anything from Grant Morrison onwards just switches me off. Hundreds of mutants to thinks about, secondary mutations, decimation, Xorn etc - yawn.

    Rogue and Gambit appeals to me, due to the focus on two classic X-Men. I'm more interested in the individual character characterisation than the relationship.

    Whilst the comic does show this as a major part of the comic (as you would expect), it is still a nod back to the 90s storyline.

In the past some writers convinced me that they made a good couple, but just as often they failed. Gambit is best when he is NOT a full-time X-men. As for Rogue, she was great in the beginning and then - slowly lost appreciation of her as she gradually gained complete control of her powers which went on for a long time. Mummudrai and Hecatomb was a real turn off. Her depiction in Uncanny Avengers was slooowly bringing me back around to her. Suddenly, she is back in the thick of it with X-men (standing around) business and it feels so inorganic. "Leading the Blue Team vs. Phoenix"? C'mon she should bring in the UA. Granted some of her personality, here, brought back some of the 90's fondness - even the topical comparison to kissing Deadpool was very funny. (Although, why ignore the Johnny Storm fling thing?) And then...
*does a spit take*
Say what?! As much as her renewed power problem is a welcome reveal - it was TERRIBLE EXPOSITION and inorganic development too. Plus, WHY such a skimpy dress?! It will be... interesting to see how this writer handles their dynamic.

    I'm going to follow it, as a nostalgic nod. Not sure how it is going to pan out, as the threat is still not clear. I'd give it a B-.

Yeah. Other than a character piece catching up with Anna and Remy this was not an exciting/interesting premiere mostly for that reason. Also:
== The first 3 pages was gratuitous frivolity - this "readers' daydream" was better summed up in the 1 sentence of the Recap Page.
== It would be great to get Rogue's last name. *does NOT hold breath*
==The MERE 2 pages of the PARAiSO threat was underwhelming. Some average looking silouetted man or woman has glowing eyes as he does SOMETHING, in a flash, to three friends as part of some program agenda. And... and... no, that's it.
==The (newish) School name is still cumbersome in length. Maybe Phoenix is returning to attack for casually discarding the dedicated renaming to Jean Grey School for no given reason. ;\)
==The whole sequence of Remy and Anna getting reaquainted was enjoyable and outweighed the boring trope of the long, showingLESS, Danger Room Trope. (And them ignoring Pixie's Soul Dagger.)
==Kitty giving Rogue the mission was necessary plot device to give this mini a reason but it could've been better. Blinking out Cerebra signals are baffling? To which telepath? Wouldn't it be how DEATH is indicated? Cerebra operating perameters usually have more precidence. And why sell it as a couple retreat when there were an odd number kids in the prologue -3 not 4- read odd. Was that a live monitor feed Seeing Dr.Grand on the monitor brochure made sense but it had Theo too? Was it a live feed - if so then need for immediate recon with believable cover was curious?
==The 2 page plane ride had fun banter.
==The arrival sequence was boring. Guess Rogue isn't that famous as a Unity Squad Leader. If they're worried about mind control why not send a telepath? Wouldn't Cerebra I.D. specific type powers like that?
==The suddeness of the last page trap was a funny gag. But was the bit worth it 'cuz next issue should tell us how they got caught in with sentences or sequence and that will be something belated and anticlimactic to anticipate. Hmm...

And speaking (offputting) lazy reveals in Iceman #7, Say what? PYRO IS BACK...

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