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Subj: Re: Cable #153: Dull-ish?
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    Waitaminnit - Externals are a subspecies of mutants? Not an offshoot of homo sapiens?

Yes this has always been so. Way back in X-Force #12 Gideon's narration bubble thingee says before he was an External he was a mutant. Every one of the Externals to my knowledge was a mutant and then they died, came back and discovered they were Externals/Immortals (fuzzy on En Sabah Nur...him getting altered by Celestial tech may mean he doesn't fit the pattern)

All Externals are mutants. Or were when the Externals subplot was originally playing out in the 90's.

I think you can make the argument that the Neo were an offshoot of humanity like the Deviants and the Eternals but the Externals are just a handful of mutants who are also immortal.

They're immortal but other than that...nothing special. They're not a separate race from mutants. There are like 10 of them. They're more like Highlanders where they just sort of discover as they get older that they are Externals as well as mutants but not like say the Eternals who have their own culture. Externals are just an additional mutation...no External is an External because their ancestors were.

The Neo were a subgroup of mutants, as well, not humans. They just had something extra. What initially set them off was that the High Evolutionary turned off their X-Gene and a bunch of them died.

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