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Subj: Re: Rogue's new, old powers?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 05:25:23 pm EST (Viewed 220 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Rogue's new, old powers?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 04:09:28 pm EST (Viewed 231 times)


      There also were brief periods when Rogue had
      4. Absorption power plus any power she chose from anyone she had ever absorbed in the past

    Was this in Extreme X-Men? It sounds like what Black Guardian was talking about in his response to my comment.

Yup, although it began a little earlier, ca. X-Men vol. 2 #107, when Rogue absorbed a Skrull mutant called Z'cann.



      5. Absorption, flight and fiery plasma (the latter two permanently absorbed from Sunfire)

    Hmm. I vaguely recall this period. I thought it was weird, if I recall correctly. Funny how she always ends up with flight.

Well, flight and super-strength are two of the most useful superpowers, which is why they are probably the most common ones.


      What is funny is that with super-strength, invulnerability and flight she often is seen duplicating her teammates. For instance during the 1980s she usually was nearly as strong and invulnerable as Colossus, and ever since has been using the Fastball Special, which used to be one of Piotr's signature moves (as a matter of fact she has done it with Colossus as the guy being thrown on at least one occasion). There were also certain similarities between Rogue's Ms. Marvel powers and those of Rachel (Rachel's TK serving as a stand-in for Rogue's super-strength and invulnerability and both having flight powers). And in the last issues of Uncanny Avengers Rogue had (apart from the absorption) exactly the same powers as her newly-returned teammate Wonder Man. A lot obviously depends on the skill of the writer - Claremont e.g. wrote differently enough from Colossus that they had different fighting styles despite greatly similar powers.

    Yes, I agree. By giving Rogue generic powers, Marvel sets things up so that either she or some other member of whatever team she's on will seem redundant. I guess if I were Marvel, I would make Rogue the muscle on whatever team she was on, or else I would have the other super strength character be stronger than Rogue but incapable of flight. (The Rachel/Rogue redundancy is interesting, as on the surface they would seem very different.)

I would point out that redundant does not mean superfluous, and sometimes redundancy can be useful for a team. For instance very often a team can find itself in a situation where they are falling from a great height, and then you need a sufficient number of team members being able to fly (or do something similar, like phasing or teleporting) to bring them all safely to the ground. Back in Rogue's early days as an X-Men you had flyers Storm, Rogue and Rachel plus teleporter Nightcrawler and phaser Shadowcat, with Wolverine, Colossus, Professor X and Cyclops unable to (functionally) fly.(1) At the same time the New Mutants had Cannonball and Warlock able to fly, Magik able to teleport (if necessary all of her teammates in one go), and Dani Moonstar got a flying horse.

(1) Other duplications at the time: Colossus, Rogue, Nightcrawler (IIRC) and Wolverine all had superhuman strength of some degree while Rachel could achieve similar effects with her telekinesis. Professor X and Rachel both were telepaths.

    Hmm. Did Wonder Man's pacifism coincide with Rogue's acquisition of his powers? Maybe that was the writer's (albeit silly) solution to the redundancy problem.

Well, technically her absorbing his powers caused him to disappear until recently. I don't think Wonder Man's pacifism silly, and IMO it could at least give him a unique angle to set him apart from other powerhouses. Super super-strong superheroes are so common in the Avengers that you can expect two or more of them serving on a given team simultaneously. IIRC when Wonder Man joined the Avengers for the first time, the team already contained Thor, Iron Man and Giant-Man (the Hulk having already left), in later days Wonder Man also served or could have served alongside Carol Danvers, She-Hulk, Hercules, Luke Cage, the Thing etc. etc., not to mention Simon's closest pal, the Beast. (Note that quite a few of these powerhouses have a super-strength + flight combo, just like Wonder Man).

Note that you have a not dissimilar phenomenon in the JLA, where you can often see Superman, Wonder Woman and at least one Green Lantern on the same team, sometimes in conjunction with Power Girl or Captain Marvel (Billy Batson). It is a matter of making their fighting styles and personalities sufficiently distinct. (I mean, that already used to work in the Golden Age at Fawcett with Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel, not to mention the three Lieutenants Marvel, intermittently working together, all with essentially the same power set; although of course writing then catered to simpler tastes).

    Have we ever seen Rogue, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Man engaged in battle at the same time? Redundant as that may be, it would also be pretty impressive. It would really seem like Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

I think we've seen all three pairings you can form from these three so far, but not yet all of them as a trio. Maybe in the near future in the context of Avengers: No Surrender?

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