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Subj: Re: Rogue's new, old powers?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 07:12:30 pm EST (Viewed 220 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Rogue's new, old powers?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 05:25:23 pm EST (Viewed 224 times)

    Well, flight and super-strength are two of the most useful superpowers, which is why they are probably the most common ones.

You're right, of course. My perspective is shaped by the fact that neither the Fantastic Four nor the original X-Men nor the original 1975 Giant-Size X-Men nor the original Champions had a flying super-puncher. But you're right, the original Avengers had two flying super-punchers, although, once Iron Man and Thor left the team, there was a tendency for a long time to not have flying super-punchers. The Vision could fly and super-punch but logically he shouldn't have been able to do both at the same time, though I'm not sure every writer bore that in mind. Wonder Man originally couldn't fly. Hercules and Goliath (Hank or Clint) couldn't fly. The Black Knight could fly on his horse but wasn't super-strong.

The Defenders had multiple super-strong flyers (Namor, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie) but only one of these (Namor) was really a flying super-puncher. The Valkyrie couldn't really punch from her seated position on Aragorn and the Silver Surfer almost always led with his power blasts.

I guess my point is, I don't typically expect a lot of flying super-punchers. However, you're right, as Marvel progressed into the later decades, flying super-punchers became more common. Nowadays seeing several of them at once is pretty normal. I guess I just never reset my expectations. Kind of silly, really.

    I would point out that redundant does not mean superfluous, and sometimes redundancy can be useful for a team. For instance very often a team can find itself in a situation where they are falling from a great height, and then you need a sufficient number of team members being able to fly (or do something similar, like phasing or teleporting) to bring them all safely to the ground. Back in Rogue's early days as an X-Men you had flyers Storm, Rogue and Rachel plus teleporter Nightcrawler and phaser Shadowcat, with Wolverine, Colossus, Professor X and Cyclops unable to (functionally) fly.(1) At the same time the New Mutants had Cannonball and Warlock able to fly, Magik able to teleport (if necessary all of her teammates in one go), and Dani Moonstar got a flying horse.

The falling from a burning plane scenario was certainly a recurring one, and I typically enjoyed it, as it highlighted the teamwork and training of the X-Men.

    Well, technically her absorbing his powers caused him to disappear until recently. I don't think Wonder Man's pacifism silly, and IMO it could at least give him a unique angle to set him apart from other powerhouses.

I just can't take a pacifist superhero seriously. Does he at least believe in self-defense? Or when the team is attacked, does he sit down on the floor with his arms folded and start quoting Gandhi to everyone?

    Note that you have a not dissimilar phenomenon in the JLA, where you can often see Superman, Wonder Woman and at least one Green Lantern on the same team, sometimes in conjunction with Power Girl or Captain Marvel (Billy Batson). It is a matter of making their fighting styles and personalities sufficiently distinct. (I mean, that already used to work in the Golden Age at Fawcett with Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel, not to mention the three Lieutenants Marvel, intermittently working together, all with essentially the same power set; although of course writing then catered to simpler tastes).

Different personalities and fighting styles would certainly be the key to keeping my interest.


      Have we ever seen Rogue, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Man engaged in battle at the same time? Redundant as that may be, it would also be pretty impressive. It would really seem like Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

    I think we've seen all three pairings you can form from these three so far, but not yet all of them as a trio. Maybe in the near future in the context of Avengers: No Surrender?

I'll be buying that for as long as I can stand it, so I can talk about it on these message boards. Mark Waid is far from being a favorite of mine, in fact I often detest his writing, but I'll try to keep a positive attitude unless and until I reach a bursting point.

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