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Subj: Re: Cable #153: Dull-ish?
Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 at 06:52:39 pm EST (Viewed 379 times)
Reply Subj: Cable #153: Dull-ish?
Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 at 02:17:54 pm EST (Viewed 498 times)

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A dull chapter...

Cable 153 (2018)

Waitaminnit - Externals are a subspecies of mutants? Not an offshoot of homo sapiens?

That cover would have been so much better if the whole concept/exposition of those future human-sh thingees didn't generally end up to be nothing but a bust.

The artwork was "stringbeanery" than ever. Ugh.

Gideon was so sure of no lifeforms and then we see (years later) bugs and rats and Rocket Raccoon-ish spawn still around 9 years later. Huh. The X-Mansion has been destroyed so often and yet it outlasted the X-men for eras. Huh. The X-men have a surviving Zen Sand Garden. Huh. Not to mention a fully-functional, high-tech, Cable Robot Arm (apparently Belle-free) just happens to be lying around to yoin. Huh. The whole flashforward sequence of Gideon's paradoxally presumptous path to the past was unsatisfying.

The one-page, no-twist, after-the-fact murder of Candra was anticlimactic.

Underwhelming big fight against overwhelming odds.

"Litter Booger" nickname was sadly the highlight of issue.

Decent "Sue Storm-ish" showing by Armor. The obvious question is if she was made aware she could do that 13 years ago than how come she couldn't do similar "that (fill in the blank) time?

At least the Gideon vs Selene & Co. fight was more interesting. Decent double-crossing dialogue. It really is only the Highlander the Movie-ish premise as opposed to fixing External danglers, eh. Absalom mimicking Wolerine-ish claw imagery was a bit much - followed up with Longshot making with the All-New Wolverine-ish claw imagery on the last page.

Does Blink not realize she is a puppet (for 'porting) at best. It's funny how Gideon seemed to completely dismiss her.

Doop and Armor not appearing tired at all, after dramatic showings, as they just shake it off in Taylor Swift-ish fashion. Blah.

Too harsh?

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

I find I can be fascinated by a comic without being excited by it at all - and the fascination is enough. I can't look away. It's hypnotic.

Gideon fascinates me. But yes, Emerick Man, you called it - the whole Externals plot line is a Highlander rehash. It's all exactly the same. Gideon is the Kurgan. Only there's no Connor/Duncan MacLeod. Or maybe Selene is the Connor/Duncan MacLeod character, without the nobility.

I don't know why Gideon stuck himself in a canister for 33 centuries. What did he gain by it?

Wow is Eve built like a sex-bot or what?

I figure the X-Mansion in Central Park is still there because Cable made it so. Which makes me wonder how long and deep a game he's playing.

Incidentally, putting the X-Mansion in Central Park is one of the stupidest things I ever heard of, which is one of the reasons I got turned off by X-Men: Gold.

Doop served his strategic purpose, as did Armor. Good planning, Cable.

I agree, Emerick Man - "You did good, little booger" is a great line of dialogue.

Do we know why Selene didn't kill all the Externals when apparently she could have?

Regarding time paradoxes - I agree, Emerick Man. Longshot and Shatterstar - and maybe Doop? - don't matter in this context, but Armor and Laura are surely doing and experiencing things they hadn't in the previous version of the time line.

I'm being driven by curiosity rather than passion or excitement, but I'm still buying this comic. Oh, and I love the art. Absolutely love it. It's so beautifully 90s while nevertheless being clear and easy to follow, which wasn't always true of a lot of the 90s art.

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