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Subj: Re: X-Men Blue #19...
Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 at 08:16:40 pm EST (Viewed 156 times)
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    · So. It was a far-fetched fan fake out. They told us the really went to their true past timeline and saw and believed they saw their past selves there - without checking them or anything out. They told us that they knew this was incontrivertilbe evidence so readers could share their knowledge that they were from an alternate reality. That gave the continued existence and concept of the O5 in trapped in the present was given arguably more worth and meaning after IRL years(?) of their temporal squatting. HA! Turns out in classic comic book twist fashion the joke is on them - and the readers. They saw Fake5 dopplegangers. Real funny... NOT. And by the internal logic of the O5 factor... this will prove to be a joke too. The BotA Gang can NOT be really affecting the real past here if they really killed Wanda and Pietro. Therefore any attempted story drama surrounding death and danger is highly suspect. How threatening can the BotA Gang be if they kill one of their own granparent progenitors?

I do not understand a word of that. I don't even know what BotA means. Yeesh.

What/who are the O5 as far as we now know?

    · So. Hank McMagic can now pull off classic saves from nuclear explosion. This showing would make Sue Storm proud. How many FF issues later was she skilled enough to pull of similar? And this was impulsive knee-jerk, imagine how resourceful he'll be once he masters abeastra cadumbra spell casting?

Beast doing magic makes no sense to me at all. I just don't get it. It reeks of Bendis but I'm not sure he had anything to do with it. I just know he likes to do things that could never in a million years be predicted because they come from so far out in left field they came from the parking lot outside the stadium.