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Subj: Re: X-Men Gold Annual #1: Disappointment!
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 08:27:57 am EST (Viewed 88 times)
Reply Subj: Re: X-Men Gold Annual #1: Maggory-Daggory-Doo!
Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 at 05:15:07 pm EST (Viewed 150 times)

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    Today's read...

    X-Men: Gold Annual 001

    Move over, Lunella. You're going to be too late to the party, Valeria. There's a new, smarter, younger, brainiac chickadee in town! It's MAGGIE BRADDOCK!



      X-Men: Gold Annual #1 still gives me some hope for the current run of X-Men comics. Its still flawed, and I by no means think this is some kind of turning point. However, it is quite enjoyable as a standalone story, and the team does a very good job of turning in an emotional and upbeat tale. I recommend this one. Check it out.

    Fair comments there.

    -The plane ride was expositioned fine afterall. Funny probably-cameo of Deadpool. Is that Baby Googam or Baby Orrgo? \:\) And WTH is that Salt Machine in the aisle?

Not a machine. The lady has a bag of salt and she's sprinkling it on a octopoid person.

Looks like Warlock behind the Googam, too. Maybe this is a special mutant flight.

    -Is "SPICY STRAWBERRY" a 'thing' in England?

I tried Googling this and came up with nothing. I mean, I see literal spicy strawberry sauces and stuff. I don't get what the t-shirt is supposed to be referencing.

    -"PRESQUE VU." Very cool term seeing for the first time.

Cousin of jamais and deja.

    -Huh, what did Rachel finally remember? Actually being the one that wiped Starhammer's mind?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Rachel has never met Starhammer. Not even once. That reference to Uncanny X-Men #387, never happened. It was JEAN in that issue... This is either a major screw up by the writer, or...

Oh $@#$!#@$, I guess the O5 being in the present is finally screwing stuff up. Or maybe it's the new post-Secret Wars reality. Things we thought happened didn't really happen.

I don't like any of the options.

    -The takeaway from this otherwise upbeat filler adventure: MAGGIE BRADDOCK! (And all the pro/con reaction the introduction will bring.)

Yes. Intelligence done well, imo. Precociously cute, not precociously annoying.

My other takeaway: HAHAHAH! Someone stuffed Lockheed. So that's where he's been. Take good care of him, Maggie.

It seems every week that goes by I like Guggenheim less and less.

Loved the cover and then it was mostly downhill.

I thought this was a rushed story even for an Annual. While it was really great to see the core members of Excalibur back together I thought some of the dialogue was weak, the character's at times seemed out of character and the story's passing and plotting was uninspiring. I really wanted to love this book from the minute I saw the preview but it lacked the charm of Chris Claremont and Alan Davis's work. And while Maggie was cute was it ever explained why she was so smart and aging so quickly or what exactly Rachel was remembering?

Very disappointing.

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