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Subj: Re: The Girl Wonder...
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 03:04:43 pm EST (Viewed 231 times)
Reply Subj: Going off of that, I think the main problem is that she was meant to be Kitty Pryde...
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 11:24:49 am EST (Viewed 195 times)

    ...but the TV Show chose Jubilee to be the new character focus. She was the POV character in the X-Men show, but she really was like Kitty Pryde angst with Jubilee's motormouth. Jubilee didn't have the same insecurities that Kitty Pryde had. Those insecurities made Kitty Pryde more relatable in the comics and that's why they were grafted onto Jubilee in the TV Show because, more, or less, Jubilee was quite capable. Jubilee was from the Boom Boom template of characters...a mall-girl with street smarts.

Was never a fan but maybe if she'd been given some romance storyline (not with Logan) she might have been more palatable. In hindsight, she was more bearable than Jubirella.

    Those coming from the TV show couldn't figure out the appeal of Jubilee in the comics. Jubilee in the comics was harder to wrap your head around. The Valley Girl Mall Rat that Claremont copped from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns' Carrie Kelly was already waning by 1992 as a cultural touchstone. Writers seemed enamored by that cultural touchstone for quite sometime. Whereas the TV version of Jubilee was appealing because she was vulnerable, the comic book Jubilee just got on everyone's nerves because she was so much "The Robin to Wolverine's Batman."

Interesting TV vs cartoon analysis.

    And I think the appeal of Jubilee is that, much like Robin, she gives brightness to Wolverine's darkness. Once you take that away, you have to make her either Nightwing (i.e. give her a team to lead and a purpose) or the "Wolverine Lite" (like Nightwing in Bludhaven).

Cue reference/parallel to the Girl Wonder ..err.. girl: Wondra. ;\)

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