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Subj: Re: Multiple X-Books or Weekly X-Men comic?
Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 at 02:48:46 am CST (Viewed 189 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Multiple X-Books or Weekly X-Men comic?
Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 at 09:14:58 pm CST (Viewed 136 times)

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      Same as with the Avengers. Why do we need adjectiveless, Uncanny, and US? Bind them all together into a weekly book and - oh wait, Marvel is already doing that.

    They are really not part of the same organization. Each of those Avengers teams had a completely different mission statement. Uncanny is/was for mutant situations (and now Inhuman sitches). USAvengers was a group of outlaws (when they were AIM) that gained support by the US government. Technically, they operated under the US government and weren't under the Avengers Charter. And I still don't see a reason for the three groups to be hanging out together. We've already seen this causes friction. It makes sense only for this pseudo-crossover we're having right now.

I absolutely do not want the three Avengers books (as we currently know them) to start up again after the weekly series currently planned ends. But as I was writing this post I realized what I was writing belonged on the Avengers board. So I'm cutting and pasting.

As for the X-books:

I don't know why Red even exists, or will exist in the near future. None of us do. Difference is, I think most of you guys will buy the book to find out. I almost certainly won't because its only draw for me are the two young ladies with claws and I can read about those two elsewhere. Jean is not a draw for me in and of herself. I need to know what her new story is and if it's boring I won't be interested in it which means I won't be interested in her. Namor interests me but not as a member of an X-team. Being on a team like the X-Men actually plays against everything he stands for in my mind. (The Defenders were totally different. Doctor Strange would call and Namor would have the option of saying no and was quite capable of saying no unless the whole world or someone he actually cared about was in imminent danger.) I'm curious as to why he'll even be bothering to be on this team but unfortunately I don't trust Marvel to give me a reason that makes any real sense. Not after the travesty of the Phoenix weekly series. I will page through the first issue in the shop, mainly to find out (a) why Jean starts a team; (b) why the claws join; and (c) why Namor joins. If the answers surprise me by being cool, I'll buy the first issue.

Blue with its new roster is a very different matter. Every single one of its members interests me. Even Gazing Nightshade, due to her story line more than her power, which to me is a bit one dimensional. But her story line is excellent! It goes all the way back to Wolverine's days as Patch in Madripoor! Oh my God I love that! And then we have Polaris, Xorn, Bloodstorm, Jimmy Hudson, and Daken. Every single one of those characters fascinates me. Sign me up. Take my money, Marvel.

Gold currently bores me. There's just no juice. The mansion in Central Park is idiotic. Old Man Logan holds no interest for me at all, except in X-Force, and only because Sabretooth is on that team and the dynamic between the two is interesting. Kurt has really never interested me, except when he was studying to be a priest, and Marvel dropped that idea. Oh, Kurt also interests me as a friend of Logan, real Logan, but real Logan isn't in this book. Storm is only in the book for the occasional cameo. Kitty interests me as (1) a friend of Logan, real Logan, who isn't in the book; and (2) a friend of Storm, who might as well not be in the book. Rachel isn't doing anything Phoenix-y (or wasn't -
maybe she is now) and her Phoenix-y-ness is the essence of what makes her cool. There's just no juice for me in this book.

Conclusion: Red and Gold are a waste of paper for me personally. The New Blue I'm awaiting so eagerly it's giving me heart palpitations! So: three X-Men books? Maybe, but I only care about one. And that's my real point. Having three X-Men books for the sake of having three means I probably will only care about one or maybe on a really good month or year, two. Me caring about all three is too unlikely to be seriously entertained. It just won't happen. Partly because of X-Force, which gives me all the claws I could ever want. There's a chance that if X-Force didn't exist, I might buy an X-Men book purely to get claws in a team setting, but as things stand, I can have claws in a team setting without any X-Men books, which means every X-Men book really has to work hard to draw me in. They have to amp up their coolness factors really high. Bloodstorm high.

A weekly X-Men book would be a whole different animal, because all the cool characters I want to read about could be in every issue! Bloodstorm, for example, and Xorn, and Polaris, they could all be in every issue! I would buy those issues. I would buy a weekly book. Marvel would get more of my money.

When real Logan returns, and Excalibur starts, things will presumably change, and I'll revisit my buying choices at that point.

I don't understand why you consider it a good idea to put the characters that interest you in a weekly book with those that you consider a waste of paper. There's little likelihood that you would get more occasions to see them shine than you would have in a monthly title focusing on just them, the main difference would be you get to spend three to four times what you pay now (depending on whether the monthly X-book would also include the Astonishing team and whether you are buying Astonishing X-Men now).

From a storytelling and logistics POV it makes much more sense to have separate teams. I think there's a reason why the 22 pp. comicbook and teams consisting of about five or six members emerged as the well-established standard in superhero series. With more members on a team you risk neglecting some characters to a degree that could be considered damaging. With a monthly X-Men title that contains all the characters of the current three or four X-Men books (Blue, Gold, Red, plus Astonishing) you would come to a situation where you had less than a page per issue to devote to each individual X-Man (don't forget you also have to let the villains do stuff ;\-\) ). So the result would probably soon be writers considering which X-Men to get rid off, and who's to say they won't decide to consider Polaris, Xorn, Bloodstorm, Daken and/or Gazing Nightshade expendable rather than Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Storm, Rachel etc.? I mean, I know the latter have a lot of fans, but Polaris (never the most activ X-Man)? Bloodstorm (who needs her when we have the non-vampire one on the team)? Seems to me that the characters on the new Blue team would run the greater risk of being written out...

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