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Subj: Re: Not a Kara in the X-world...
Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 at 09:15:05 pm EST (Viewed 19 times)
Reply Subj: Re: X-Men Red #1: THAT's why?!
Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 at 06:15:09 pm EST (Viewed 231 times)

First off the very entertaining Supergirl TV series was taken off my cable TV package shortly after the first season. \:\( Melissa Benoist is supersweet as the Kryptonian. \(yes\) Can't wait for local library to get Seasons on DVD to watch ASAP. The Supergirl comic book direction lost my attention around Convergence (or maybe sooner). Recent solicits suggest copying themes from the TV show which questions creativity. Shades of Nick Fury. Is Kara's book any good?

    No - or at least I don't think so. They're called "Red" because Jean has red hair.


    And remember when I said I got a Supergirl vibe from that page where Jean first arrives? That vibe continued for the whole issue. Weird as this may seem, this book (intentionally or not) is setting up Jean not only as the alpha female mutant but as the alpha female superhero. Even with a movie on the way, Carol Danvers just can't seem to seize that role.

    I bought the issue. Jean as Supergirl was just the hook I needed.

    They don't appear in the rest of the issue because it's all flashbacks and apparently they weren't involved yet.

Fair enough. Still it worth a nitpick, imo. It's the team premiere - show the team. And "effectively" they DO appear in the book. Also, Marvel sometimes use the headshots page as cast credits indicator who appears, like this ish, but sometimes as a roll call page - just like Avengers No Surrender issue out this week, too.

    Because [Phoenix Resurrection?] mini was meaningless and stupid? But of course, I didn't read it, so what do I know?

Well, it was the where/when/why/where/how Jean came back to life which means something. The "2 MONTH GAP" is only about 25% as annoying as the 8 MONTH GAP after Secret Wars but it's still lazy exposition of her assimilation and reactions of everybody else that followed.

    It's questionable, period. But I like the red and blue of Jean's costume. It's always striking whenever she appears. In fact, every panel that has Jean in it is beautiful, no matter what she's wearing. These artists portray red hair as a transcendent aura of awesomeness.

No real complaints with her costume.

    Apparently Laura lives nearby. Jean actually tells the mother this, which caught me off guard from a secret identity point of view.

Well, the mutants and their 'public' school are on display in Central Park so secret identities are probably not priority anymore. Still, it was an odd gesture in light of general personal privacy. The whole public display angle seems underplayed and should be as key to the characters as when IM, DD, Spidey, etc. have been outed in the past. Sentinel Programs, Stevil's HYDRA America, evil anti-mutant groups, etc. probably have reams of census data on mutant aliases by now. Is Wolverinelaura living under her real name? Are X-men codenames a waste of time or just a means for deniability now? So many aspects of mutant acceptance can be inferred by Jean's gester here.

    So this makes two incidents in one issue of Jean and the Snikts saving young mutants like the 1963 mutants used to do. These are the real X-Men. All others are posers. (Well, OK, I'm overstating things by a lot, but seriously, this is the book that feels like the successor to 1963 and 1975. This is the X-Men being X-Men.)


    Good point. Unethical?

Absolutely unethical. But debatabley still a thing an X-man might do. A smart thing to do? Lesser of 2 evils (from the X-men POB)? X-Telepaths have done mega-worse mind tweaking by comparison. Toby has just been marked for life - and Jean's new 'tude has her okay with that? So, no big deal to her if every global supervillain knows where to find any Omega Level living at the Mansion?

    Supergirl. 1963. 1975. Alpha female mutant. Alpha female superhero.

    Here we've moved beyond Supergirl into Messiah territory. This is the sort of thing Wonder Woman probably dreams of doing. Jean is acting out Diana's highest aspirations. And she's doing it with Martian Manhunter's signature ability. Jean has absorbed the DC Universe into herself and transcended it. This could be a Watchmen story. Jean could be Doctor Manhattan

Your parallel impressions to the DCU... abound. \:\)

    It's fascinating how she formulated the idea. She linked the greatest minds on Earth into a super-mind and used it to super-compute a plan she couldn't have conceived (probably no one could have conceived) independently. We've never seen this before.

THAT'S the plan? A Uni-Mind Wannabe course of action (unrevealed) but laid out in detail (to only Jean and Kurt and the brainiacs) so far? The story presentation of it just feels... wanting. And the logic of it - uhhh - why not come up with a plan for World Peace if it was that easy to collaborate an easy todo list? Hmm...

    This is Messiah-level.

OMG. Really?!

    So of course Kurt is the first one told - Kurt, who once was studying for the priesthood - Kurt, who knows what it means to serve a Messiah and has longed to do so. The soul of the X-Men.

It will be interesting if they ever compare notes about being reborn. They probably should; it will be a challenge for a writer to make such a story entertaining - not to mention relatable.

    Kitty? I love Kitty but this is above Kitty's pay grade. I'm not sure who the other X-mentors are. Whoever they are, Jean will do this whether they agree with it or not. I get the impression that only Kurt's opinion really mattered. That fascinates me. He has knelt at the altar of a Messiah as a postulant. To him, before and above all others, to him Jean came with her idea. And he blessed it and asked to be baptised with it.

Hate the lack of clear dynamic between Jean and her so-called long lost X-family.

    Why is it empty? She and Namor needed to talk. They talked.

All we get is the gist. Jean wants him on his team and his country behind her and she got it. No motivation like we get with T'Challa. No reason for him to rejoin the X-men - or indication that he already was a member in the past. No Atlantean Nation status or Secret Wars followup. Empty, imo.

    No. Her big win was getting mutantkind recognized as a nation. If not for Cassandra Nova, Jean would have a seat at the UN representing the Mutant Nation. In fact she may still have that seat. Probably not but we didn't actually see the vote rescinded. After all, if I'm not mistaken, Doctor Doom has a seat at the UN.

Did you take Mutant Nation as a people and not a land? Can the U.N. admit a race instead of a country? Latervia may or may not still be a member but certainly fugitive Iron-Dr.Doom-Man doesn't/shouldn't have one ATM.

    Cassandra Nova is apparently the Big Bad. And let's face it, she's pretty big and pretty bad.

No argument. Boo. Literally, figuratively and creatively a bad character. Bah. The female legacy version of Farouk - who we just got. Let's see if they do something different and creative with her...

    I'm not sure they're her protectors. She probably protects them more than they protect her. They're more like her disciples. Her Apostles.

OMG. Really?!

    I know you and Black Guardian think Astonishing matters but I'm not convinced. We'll see if Xavier is still at large when the story arc ends. Right now it is my opinion that X-Men: Red is the premiere X-book.

TimeSales will tell.

I miss Dad & Dan.

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