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Subj: Re: X-Men Red #1: THAT's why?!
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 02:35:53 pm EST (Viewed 183 times)
Reply Subj: Re: X-Men Red #1: THAT's why?!
Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 at 11:51:37 am EST (Viewed 171 times)



        Saving young mutants wasn't really what X-Men did in 1963, aside from Xavier forming the team. They were always saving humanity from mutants. You know, "protecting the world that fears us."
      I could swear I've read dozens of stories about the X-Men saving young mutants. Did they all happen in the 21st century? Was it a Morrison thing? Was it a 90s thing? An 80s thing?

    Most of this sort of hysteria came later, in the 80s and afterwards. Plus, there really weren't many mutants around back in the 60s and 70s.

For someone only used to modern-day X-books it really must be surprising how few mutants were violently attacked by non-mutants for being mutants. In most cases the mobs didn't care whether the guys they wanted to lynch were mutants, altered humans or whatever, indeed in not a few cases (Scarlet Witch, Nightcrawler, Wolfsbane) they thought they were dealing with witches and demons. Most of the time when the X-Men were rushing to find a neophyte mutant it was to recruit them themselves and/or prevent the bad mutants (BOEM, Hellfire Club) from recruiting them. It almost seems to me that the trope of rescuing mutants from mutiphobe non-mutants only became a "big" thing with X-Factor (ironically when the O5 were secretly fueling mutiphobia themselves).



        However, my main problem with Red is this whole idea of a mutant homeland or place. It's a horrible, quite idiotic idea, and it runs completely counter to Xavier's vision or the X-Men's purpose in 1963, 1975, or any time pre-2000. If this is what Jean's working towards, then please end this thing now.

      Jean doesn't want a homeland. She flat out said this.
      JEAN: And every time mutants have come together to live in one place - Genosha, Utopia - we have simply made ourselves a bigger target. Whenever mutantkind has tried to live alone, apart, we have been slaughtered.
      She doesn't want a homeland. She wants to be recognized at the UN as a people. A people who are in diaspora around the world.

    Then I completely misinterpreted the mountaintop scene. I thought she was showing Nightcrawler the plot of land she wanted to start with. At this point, I see absolutely no reason behind that entire scene. And her mission seems to be more one of evil than good.
    You cannot be a nation without a plot of land. Period. That is what the UN deals with. Involving them in this is absurd, and frankly, this plan seeks to undermine every government in the world, including T'Challa's and Namor's (I don't see them going for this). This is exactly the sort of thing Xavier fought against.


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