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Subj: Re: Rogue & Gambit #2
Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 at 08:01:38 am EST (Viewed 233 times)
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    What I like about this mini is that they're not a couple. They're pretending to be a couple for the sake of plot and Gambit is pushy, but they act like a pair of exes with a long history together. Rogue sounds like she's moved on. Gambit is still fixated on being with her without being too creepy. But even with that, he's pretty good with boundaries and being professional about it.

In #1 Gambit continually pesters Rogue in a way that Rogue/Gambit fans would denounce as sexual harrassment if someone else did it to Rogue (I know how some of them reacted to Magneto and her in X-Men Legacy, and there Magneto acted very restrained compared to how Gambit is shown here). At one point Rogue literally tries to run away from him and he still won't leave her alone. And he's very enthusiastic about using this mission to get back with Rogue again, even if it means a) Rogue being forced to do things she doesn't want to and b) letting a suspected supervillain act as their therapist. Completely unprofessional.

    "The last thing in the world I want is one more nanosecond spent on the Rogue/Gambit travesty. There is absolutely nothing good about it. It makes me feel sick inside."

    They got a history and it happens to be a complicated one. And they're funny together, so it is entertaining. The story, although involving Genosha, feels really light with sit-com pacing. I think what it has going for it is that this isn't a rehash of Gambit and Rogue Smooching. This is complicated and the complications may lead to them just having a good friendship afterwards.

Personally I think that neither Gambit himself nor the Rogue/Remy romance history with Rogue are half as complicated as their fans make them out to by. Maybe that's why the scene where Margo tells Alejandro "Wow, you're so complicated!" in Despicable Me 2 struck such a chord with me. \:\-\)


    "During the first flashback Gambit jokingly suggests that mind control might be good. I'm beginning to wonder if Kelly Thompson meant that seriously."

    "Frightening to think that Kelly Thompson is a woman."

    Nah, it is a Joke. You have to read the conversation to get the impact of it, and then it only really makes sense when you realize that Rogue was being rather sweet to Gambit in a "roguish way" that night when they recall their first meeting.

As I already noted that Gambit was joking, what I am beginning to wonder is that Kelly Thompson might be meaning it seriously in a "There's many a true word spoken in jest" kind of way.

    I don't think it was complete mind control on Rogue and Gambit. Gambit said he snapped out of the Mind Control and Rogue didn't until Shadow King dropped it. But from what I remember, Rogue wasn't really mind controlled...she was just made more aggressive by Lorna Dane's "Aggressive Emotion Amplifier Power" that Shadow King was absorbing. Remy's the one that mentions mind control not Rogue. I think the implication is that Rogue remembers (she says "things were fuzzy"), but kind of regrets being that emotional and aggressive towards Gambit when they first met.

In-story nobody's disputing that they were acting under mind control, and in the first flashback we clearly see that Gambit talking about the earth moving leaves her nonplussed, that the revelation that they had been able too touch during their encounter comes as a complete surprise to her, and she is left to take Gambit's word for it that they did not have sex. This shows that there are serious gaps in her memory and that her initial subjective impression ("a bit fuzzy") is incorrect.

If you'll reread UXM #278 (which contains Rogue's canonic appearances immediately preceding the second flashback in R&G #2) you'll see that she fell deeper and deeper under the Shadow King's mind control in the course of that issue. And you'll also see that Gambit was not the first man she kissed while under that control: on p. 17 there's a scene where she is shown sharing a psychic kiss with the Shadow King himself, with no signs of being repelled by his the monstrous, inhuman appearance of his manifestation and indeed every sign of enjoyment. (That would appear to be another event which Rogue mercifully did not remember).

And the Shadow King never dropped his control over Rogue. She had to be freed from it by Forge, who first shot her with an electromagnetic scrambling gun and then injected a microscopic neurosynaptic buffer, vide X-Factor #69.

    It is a light series. Kelly Thompson is being fair about it in that she's depicting two people who are close teammates and friends, but also showing that they're probably not a good couple.

You see it as a light series, I see it as a series that makes light of too serious matters. Maybe Ms. Thompson will yet turn it around, but for the moment I continue to have bad feelings about this.

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