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Subj: Re: Rogue Loves Gambit and Gambit Loves Rogue. But love is complicated and there are different kinds of love...
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 04:52:06 pm CST (Viewed 173 times)
Reply Subj: Rogue Loves Gambit and Gambit Loves Rogue. But love is complicated and there are different kinds of love...
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 03:22:04 pm CST (Viewed 181 times)

    I think you kind of hit the nail on the head. I don't necessarily like the pairing of Gambit and Rogue. They are a pair, but maybe not a good romantic pair. There's tension, but really Gambit should back off. He's self-centered...and...he's self-centered.

    The intent that Kelly Thompson seems to have (from the interview and the comic) is that love between people is complicated and grows over time to be different things. I think I'd be perfectly fine if, at the end of this story, they're not a romantic couple but really good friends. And I think Kelly Thompson really isn't leaning one way or another with it.

    As for the Muir Island part, I don't think Gambit was insensitive. He purposefully didn't talk about their first meeting. He told the Doctor about what happened after their first meeting because he had to say something (to keep up with their undercover assignment) and Rogue thanked him for not talking about that first meeting between them.

But your reading is not supported by the issue at all. Here's the dialogue in question:

Rogue: "I wish you hadn't contradicted me on our 'first meeting' with Dr. Grand today. I don't know why you had to tell her about the other thing." [my emphasis]
Gambit: "You wan' me to lie, chère? No, the story you told is not the first time we met, and you know it."
Rogue: "Yeah, yeah..."

I don't see how that can be read any way but indicating that Gambit talked about what he calls their first meeting and that far from thanking him Rogue was telling him she was unhappy with this (especially as her own account really already indicated enough).

    As for the Shadow King bit, I can brush it off as "He wasn't fully in control of Rogue and Gambit at the time...in fact...he was losing control. That's why Rogue and Gambit feel "fuzzy." The whole thing reads more like drunkenness and the morning after than mind control" or somesuch thing like that. There's a no-prize in there, for sure.

No, since this goes entirely against what is stated by both Rogue and Gambit here, it would be necessary for the narration to indicate that they're both wrong here to put the readers on the right track, and that simply does not happen. (Especially if you look at the context and how the mind-control works in the Muir Island Saga). Also: You say that it would require a No-Prize-worthy explanation by a reader, that in itself is a good indication that the writing is at fault here. And, to expand on what I wrote in my previous post: Rogue's "everything [...] is a bit fuzzy" comment is her initial subjective assessment, and almost immediately after she makes it it is called into question because she has no memory at all of what Gambit then tells her (the earth moving, the kiss, them being able to touch without problem, them not having had sex). All this indicates that the gaps in Rogue's memory are bigger than she at first thought.

    They know each other, they love eachother (in their own way), and they kind of piss each other off. There's something real about that that doesn't come across in other instances of Rogue and Gambit together. Usually it's this "Grand Southern Gothic Love Story" thing. This is more like a cop stake-out where cops with a romantic past have to play like they're in a relationship.

    As a fan of X-books, and not necessarily Rogue/Gambit together, I'm coming at this kind of fresh, but I like that it is exploring this side of relationships...the "What relationship do you have with your ex?" relationship. And I hope that it doesn't end romantically. Or if it does, I hope it ends with something that is a true revelation, rather than just the Speed mantra of "tense situations makes people all gooey romantic."

Well, let's hope your optimism will prove justified in the end...

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