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Subj: Re: Extermination #2: 0-Day...
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 01:34:21 pm EDT (Viewed 321 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Extermination #2: 0-Day...
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 11:19:27 am EDT (Viewed 329 times)

    Jean's always sexy. It's a universal law... might apply to all comic redheads.

MJ, Marlo, Patsy, yup. Who else? Older Jean, up 'til her 2nd death, sure. As long as artists don't randomly add and/or dump freckles differently panel to panel. But Jeen has been mishandled since coming here and a flawed character can be a turn off. She has had sweet and cute moments and that may have gotten her there eventually.

    Not sure why he's a target. I thought Cable was targeting time displaced mutants.

Maybe his brief membership status is a factor. But the fact that he's around and mundanely shopping in a grocery store felt like an glaring untold backstory in itself.




        issue #5 cover

      Could it be him?


The thread droned on to reveal the suspect was Older Cyke. And speculations against that theory.

    What upgrades does young Iceman have?

The mastery over his ice-powers and ability to create ice-clones will be hard to undo if that is in Young Cable's plan. Hence, the mindmushing suggestion.

    Don't even know what Angel's upgrade entailed. All of the other BV upgrades just faded.

That supercitizen Hala still gots hers, right? But yeah, wasn't it stated that everyone else's faded. Definitely, Marvel stumbled and fumbled that Event affects moving forward.

    Hope so. I hope this story ends with Old Cable killing Young Cable. Yay paradox!

The paradox would be neat enough. Old could disappear (forever) with the killing of his Young self (as footnoted). \:\) This concept must have been done with Kang/Immortus or some other big time medium character, eh?

    think... the old Marvel Method: all time travel creates infinite numbers of alternate realities, except when it doesn't.


    Old Moan Logan IS an Ahab Hound!!! Notice he has the facial markings. This is what the little girl was talking to OML about. She noticed he was wounded (likely the hound infection).

Checks last issue when he could've been injured/infected... was it a psi-infection manifesting?...
P.S. Oops, sorry, missed censoring that one f-bomb feel free to edit out.

    That's just sicko.

"Emma or resurrected Jean preying on Youngclops" may be a bit intensely phrased but many posters probably predicted dynamics of various intents developing between them as a storyplot. Of course, none of that happened. More or less just one cordial PC "How d'you do, Lil Tyke".

    It's established fact that Rachel can alter her DNA at will. She turned herself into a dino-person just by thinking it.

That's wack. Did not know that. Don't like it. But then again, hate Storm's, Danvers, et al. ability to mentally transform their clothes into costumes.

    Anyway, I think the hound marks are like the Shi'ar phoenix tattoo she got and are imprinted on her DNA. His proximity is like a disease flareup.

Hmm... that makes it sound more reasonable.

    If you notice, the only people invited to this meeting were people connected to Cable (and some random students). This wasn't a meeting of important X-People. It was just: "Hey, Cable just got killed. Notify his peeps."

No Deadpool's Allowed club. ;\) Oooh, so that ain't a poorly drawn Honey Badger looking at Kurt. Very odd(ie.dumb) to include the French tots. And why cramp in a tiny office when Kitty knows they have nice big classrooms for confabs like in Hunt for Wolverine this week.

    On the other hand, certain groups might be less willing to attack because of civilian casualties.

Kitty must have pulled in some HUGE NYC FAVORS somewhere 'cuz that definitely doesn't seem her call to make.

    Anyway, I'm still enjoying this so far. I enjoyed all of the X-Books this week... well, not that Grand Design one.

Oh yeah, forgot to list Grand Design too! Nice catch. Will probably end up reading same day as Ve'Nam #1... which is not anytime soon. (Unless someone has convincingly good things to say about either.)

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