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Subj: Re: Extermination #2: 0-Day...
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 05:30:56 pm EDT (Viewed 311 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Extermination #2: 0-Day...
Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 at 01:34:21 pm EDT (Viewed 321 times)


      Jean's always sexy. It's a universal law... might apply to all comic redheads.

    MJ, Marlo, Patsy, yup. Who else? Older Jean, up 'til her 2nd death, sure. As long as artists don't randomly add and/or dump freckles differently panel to panel. But Jeen has been mishandled since coming here and a flawed character can be a turn off. She has had sweet and cute moments and that may have gotten her there eventually.

Jean clones obviously
Bethany Cabe
Beverly Switzler (maybe the hottest of them all)
Colleen Wing
Crystal (strawberry blonde)
Delphyne Gorgon (in her human form)
Elsa Bloodstone
Frankie Raye (naw... hottest! literally)
Hope Summers
Julia Carpenter (another strawberry)
Lyra (red hair + green skin = swoony Black Guardian)
Julie Power's pretty cute (another strawberry)
Tarot (Hellions)
Marlo Chandler
Mystique (another swoony sitch)
Transonic (blue Generation Hope girl -- swoon)
Mera of Atlantis (yay swoon *glubglub*)
Rahne's kinda cute sometimes
Sharon Ventura... until She-Thing
Satana sometimes (when she's hottest, imo)
There was a Kree with red hair...

And Red Sonja...

And probably many, many more...


      Not sure why he's a target. I thought Cable was targeting time displaced mutants.

    Maybe his brief membership status is a factor. But the fact that he's around and mundanely shopping in a grocery store felt like an glaring untold backstory in itself.

When last we saw him, he flew off with Omega to live a normal-ish life.


      What upgrades does young Iceman have?

    The mastery over his ice-powers and ability to create ice-clones will be hard to undo if that is in Young Cable's plan. Hence, the mindmushing suggestion.

Not really sure how skillful he's become.


      Don't even know what Angel's upgrade entailed. All of the other BV upgrades just faded.

    That supercitizen Hala still gots hers, right? But yeah, wasn't it stated that everyone else's faded. Definitely, Marvel stumbled and fumbled that Event affects moving forward.

Hala was not upgraded by the Black Vortex. She has no special abilities beyond what normal Kree have.


      Old Moan Logan IS an Ahab Hound!!! Notice he has the facial markings. This is what the little girl was talking to OML about. She noticed he was wounded (likely the hound infection).

    Checks last issue when he could've been injured/infected... was it a psi-infection manifesting?...
    P.S. Oops, sorry, missed censoring that one f-bomb feel free to edit out.

Old Moan Logan wasn't around in the previous issue.


      If you notice, the only people invited to this meeting were people connected to Cable (and some random students). This wasn't a meeting of important X-People. It was just: "Hey, Cable just got killed. Notify his peeps."

    No Deadpool's Allowed club. ;\) Oooh, so that ain't a poorly drawn Honey Badger looking at Kurt. Very odd(ie.dumb) to include the French tots. And why cramp in a tiny office when Kitty knows they have nice big classrooms for confabs like in Hunt for Wolverine this week.

These French kids are obviously important to the plot. We just don't know why yet.

There's one person in the group that I don't know who she is. She sitting behind the desk next to Rachel and says, "Now that we're all here let's get started." She looks sort of like Kitty (same face and hair), but Kitty is standing on the other side of the desk.

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