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Subj: Re: Calling Magus, Doc Nemesis and Luke Cage...
Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 at 11:11:22 am EST (Viewed 120 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Uncanny X-Men #13: Good job, X-men. Some not so good.
Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 at 07:33:37 am EST (Viewed 173 times)

    Yeah. And I really want to address this. I get that Rosenberg wants to portray the X-Men as being "down and out," but c'mon, there are resources they should have. Muir Island? Heck, Rahne should own the place. Cable? Surely he can help with a base. That huge underground complex outside of San Fran? Whatever happened to that? In a pinch, there's even always Genosha. What's become of all of the various multinationals the X-Men own? Even Rogue and Gambit own multiple homes down south. It amazes me that Logan doesn't have stashes around the world after his 150 year life. "Best there is" my buttocks.

Recurring finance/resource issues is almost always an annoying plot device/point for many reasons including the ones that you imply here.

    It's nice to hear mention of Harry and his Hideout, but there are better places.


    I think Scott is just thinking generally, and the list is trying to be all-inclusive. As far as Scott knows, all of these people are out there, just as the X-Men are out there somewhere.

Figured that was a No-Prize option but this is just another bothersome example of people 'coming back' and not talking/updating valued with teammates on the BASIC STATE of badguydom. Scott should have presented the list and the team should have picked it over for him IN-STORY before prioritizing missions. And if all he has is pencil and paper then it would have been nice to read where they got the intel on DB.


    I think Laroca forgot to put "Mutates."

OK. (Another unchanging/unkillable collective.) Well, at least Ka-Zar or Shanna might get some facetime.

    Krakoa should be.
    I think Vulcan is just a potentiality.

Krakoa as in Krakoa Jr.'s uhh... progenitor? Wasn't he flung into the sun?

    ONE? Yes. Magus!! Not Warlock. Last anybody knew, Magus was chillin' on Earth running a multinational.

WHAT?! When/where/why/how??!! Definitely pay him a call then.

    And this reminds me: where is Serval in all of this mess?


    I would certainly list the following before Mutant Force/Resistants:

    That whole ring of villains who were in Second Coming. Bastion? Any Trasks? Sapien League? Etc.
    Mystique? Maybe she's included in the "Brotherhood?" Is Hollywood telling Scott he can't think of her as a threat?
    Maybe Phoenix should be on the list?
    Hellfire? Maybe a mental block (figurative, not literal) where Emma's concerned? \:D
    Maddie Pryor?
    Arcade? Or has he wormed his way out of X-Dom at this point?
    Reavers? Pierce?
    Mesmero? Recent threat!
    Monolith? Yes, I'm reaching now, but I'd like him to come back.
    X-Cutioner!! There's even a new one that was a recent threat.
    Um. AHAB!

-Great List Update!
-How 'bout Persephone? Logan will have first hand knowledge that if Daken is alive he is enthralled by Persephone.
-Has anyone seen in any Age of X if a reborn Omega Red yet?
-No contingency planning for Phoenix?
-Someone on Astonishing must've spilled the beans that Prof.X is probably alive and should be found ASAP.
-If he's just listing Handbook team threats specific to X-verse that maaay still be of concern then: Evolutionaries?
-3-4 in that Kid Hellfire (disbanded) Club?

    Upstarts are a current threat?! HUH?! The Upstarts were only part of that silly game that ended. They're all dead last everybody knew. Well, Fenris are back, but mostly as non-X-villains, and not part of Upstarts.

    The Neo were supposedly completely wiped out by the Evolutionaries almost 10 years ago. Does Scott have brain damage?

    Is there a new Factor Three we haven't been told of yet? Because the old one has been gone for ages. Please tell me this is not what Banshee/Sean is up to.

    Gene Nation is another group that should be gone already. I guess there could always be more crawling out from rocks, but all of the main ones were killed. Why? Because they were all losers.

These are updates that interest me. Thanks!

    Good thing they pulled together their zero resources enough buy a good superstrength chain.

Logan went, off-panel, and called Luke Cage and borrowed a lot of his old belts to link together. ;\)

    I don't think they have the means to examine their condition. They don't have the tech or the personal expertise. Half of these people never even went to college.

Maybe not examine but discuss. Or have examined. Give Wakanda a call and ask to confer with Doc Nemesis, Scott.

    [...is that how duping works?]

So, if his Bravery Dupe got killed, absorbed or not, then he can't 'be brave' anymore? Simplified example and not saying one way or other how is SHOULD work. Just curious 'cuz the duping seems to be inconsistent. And TBH, even the status of Jaime PRIME is still unclear following that last crazy mini.

    Dark Beast hasn't been dead in a while. His upgrades are just meh, imo. As if we need another cyber villain. I do sort of question DB's idea that tech is better evolution than biology. The very fact that it cannot be predicted or controlled is what makes it better. He should know this. It should be his life philosophy. On the other hand, in comics, tech is just as unpredictable and uncontrollable. So, what's he stupidly babbling about?

Dark Beast. Blecch.

    And why would Sinister be in the cybernetics field to upgrade him this way? Feh. I sort of suspect DB is lying. Could he be in league with the human establishment?

Cheap lazy namedropping.

    Neat use of her stepping discs.



    Dr. Plot, Plastic Surgeon!

\:\) But seriously, give Doc Nemesis a call, Scott.
Hmm... which Bullpen Writer will have the honor of the the first reunion story with Wolverine and The Avengers? Although, technically Black Widow already believes he is alive (not knowing it was Phoenixbub).

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