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Subj: Re: Uncanny X-Men #14: (yes) & (no)...
Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 at 06:37:21 am CDT (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Uncanny X-Men #14: (yes) & (no)...
Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 at 02:54:24 pm CDT (Viewed 132 times)

    (yes) cover and inside art (except for the artistic interpretation of Wolfsbane!)

The only rarity is the long hair, but she's done this before. Otherwise, it's a pretty typical Wolfsbane look. The shot of her, Dani, and Yana was the best in the issue.

    (no) going after huge organizations and teambusters with 8 members before looking for other X-survivors or X-allies to help

Well, they aren't really going after huge organizations. They seem to be biding their time, imo.

    (yes) \(no\) return of Val Cooper but to be honest her update and new loyalty status was sadly foggy

Her loyalty status is always foggy to me.

    (yes) \(no\) Madrox "harsh" interrogation method? Magik and the Transmoders methods are joked to be worse? Scott disapproves of these 'old darker' ways is the implication?

    (yes) return of Reaper. Believable way for the UXM to go after the MLF. So, he's not a mutant by Wanda or VAXX? Curious that MLF (not to mention Hope) would still want to recruit him

Lost his powers from Wanda. Very curious that MLF would want anything to do with him.

    (yes) return of Scrambler. He has a power upgrade that's... odd. Similar to Reaper, minimal update on his bad guy team is better late than never but...

Doesn't seem like an upgrade. His power can even affect machines. Anything with an energy field (including force fields) is affected.

    (no) No good showing or proper update on Dani or the Transmode Virus. Does Scott have Dark Beast working on a cure? Iffff so, they should have mentioned it, if not then fine: it's a new mystery but it is either unlikely or disgusting that Scott is 'teaming up' with his prisoner. If it's for an antidote to VAXX then that would be wrong too, imo


    (no) waitaminnit! Scrambler is Marauders. And later the UXM deal with Morlocks and then Chernayan troops. Hold your horses! Terrible pacing. Not 2 or 3 but 4 items on the to do list? Basically resolved toot sweet? Marvel clearly wants to reset the mutant status quo on Earth ASAP but this rushing takes makes suspension of disbelief to unacceptable level

Pacing was great, imo. They're just encountering these people as part of their adventures.

I still can't understand where all of the X-Men resources went? What about that Canadian wilderness bunker Scott was using before Secret Wars? Surely, between all of these members and friends they can find better accommodations. It just seems like "plot induced stupidity," imo.

    (no) Morlock population practically decimated for the 3rd (4th?) time just to thin out the herd. This will feel forced repetivity to longtime readers no doubt.


    (yes) return of Callisto. Not as satisfying as it could've been but better than nothing. What was her last storyline? And IMO, Jono really fits with this community - EVEN THOUGH it seems a bit odd coming from him saying as much

Not really a return. We just saw her a few issues ago. Before this, she last appeared in prison in X-Men Gold. Before that: Magneto's Uncanny X-Men series. Before that: Storm's series, where she was taking in depowered ex-mutants to live in the sewers.

    (no) didn't know the straight line to the Chernaya joke punchline. \:\( Anyone?

There's a bunch of memes about "that's not a bird." As most memes, they aren't really funny.

    (no) Chernaya has been in a few of Marvel stories (or was it just in Punisher?) since SW and maybe footnotes were not called for but an XMB recap of Chernayan storylines would be neat

Chernaya has been all over the place in the past 2 years: Secret Warriors, Tales of Suspense, Punisher, and it's been part of this X-Men series since nearly its beginning.

    (no) your basic trope that readers aren't told if the UXM use Blackbird or Stepping Discs to invade the foreign country. Oh yeah, UXM invade a foreign country for their own interests

Well, they told us they have no plane. Yana is their only transportation. Don't think it needs more mention.

It's not an invasion when the country invites you to help them get rid of rebels. They arranged this mission through Val Cooper at the behest of the sitting Chernayan government in exchange for letting the Morlocks live there.

    (yes) Magik has impressive Stepping Disc attack

Pretty typical.

    (no) Sooooooooo, the UXM solution for mutant harmony is to ship 'em off to another country. Guess they can't complain when they find out X-Force also orchestrated the established a impactful community of mutants in Transia! Sheesh. We didn't get to see Morlock response, Chernayan Gov't response, United Nations response - it's hard to believe everyone is fine with Scott (and Cooper's) HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE "What's Best" plan, as presented

This sort of ties into the problems of X-Men resources. There should be other places for them. Even Scott's grandparents house in Alaska before Chernaya. Dani's reservation not an option? Again-- Muir Island? Rahne should own the bloody thing. Madrox's farm?! Sorry, Morlocks. You're used to the nice cosy warm sewers, but we're shipping you off to Eastern Europe wilderness.

    (no) Jono turns around and leaves the Morlocks and his motivation for joining them, by the end of the ish, to reup with the UXM (guess the Roll Call Pages symmetry will change to 3 rows of 3 - hmmph)

Indeed. Wha-?!

    (yes) in spite of the serious \(no\) 's this was a cautiously acceptable installment. How 'bout you: \(yes\) or \(no\) ?

Mostly no. But it's sort of a fun no.

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