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Subj: Re: Mr & Mrs X #9: Reasoned Rogue retrospective...
Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 at 03:09:09 am EDT (Viewed 127 times)
Reply Subj: Mr & Mrs X #9: Reasoned Rogue retrospective...
Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 at 11:33:35 pm EDT (Viewed 229 times)

    Mr & Mrs X 009

I really enjoyed this issue. It was nice to see Rogue get control of her powers again(for however long it lasts), since I never understood why Marvel took her control away in the first place with the whole Wonder Man thing. I also enjoyed seeing Gambit in action too. Especially in his original 90s costume. In fact, one of my favorite parts of this issue was seeing Gambit and Rogue in their iconic 90s costumes. They both looked so good(image attached). I wish they could just stay in them when they go back to Earth. I don't understand the aversion comic artists and many fans have for classic and iconic looks.

    A reasoned Rogue retrospective really was what this ish was all about. This was for longtime Rogue fans to explain Rogue's unique power and curse in as simple a way as possible. It took Daredevil near (ad nauseum) a year of issues to figure out that FEAR was his constant enemy; where here, it took Rogue ONE issue only (whew) by recalling memories of the key points (of power) in her life. A nice nod to all those backissues read and collected and the simple moral of the neverending story: Be Brave to Be Best.

Yep, I thought is was pretty well done. I especially liked the quote about fear ruling us all, "It's what holds us back from everything we want. It's what locks us up and literally paralyzes us. It backs almost everything a person chooses to do... or to not do. And you either conquer it or you don't... every day. In the smallest ways, in the largest ones." I thought was a really powerful speech and it really hit home with me personally, since I suffer from social anxiety and it truly does often rule my life in more ways than people without anxiety can imagine.

    Now, Anna Marie can be back in control as long as she's not afraid - or until another writer comes along with a different epiphany.

Yeah, comic writers seem obsessed with messing with Rogue's powers.

    Next issue we'll see what kinda kickass karma Rogue will be able to deliver, now. Ideally, she should be normal human levels until she absorbs powers at which time her levels will be proportionate to source and last proportionate to contact time.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Although, I'm hoping she still has the Wonder Man powers as well. I love flying, powerhouse Rogue.

    [EDIT: Hmm... Was this "quickfix" interpretation somewhat retcon-insulting to the decades of X-Counselling skills by Prof.X and his telepathic successors?]

I personally thought the first time they gave Rogue control of her powers in X-Men Legacy was the retcon-insulting way of doing it. Like you said, Professor X had all those years working with her with no success and then was all of a sudden out of the blue able to do it no problem. I thought it was better done this way, with Rogue being the one to fix the problem herself and really understand why she wasn't able to control them.

    The only thing missing was giving us Anna Marie's last name! \:\( C'mon, House of Ideas!

I don't want to know her last name. Heck, I didn't even like learning her Anna Marie name. I always liked it best when she was just Rogue.

    better than those two story elements were the two separate quote Spiral delivers in the 2nd last and last panels of the story \:\)

Those were great! I also liked this one, "Don't know that I'd be bragging about that, but whatever.".

    And speaking of Lady Six Arms, Spiral's treasure may be her very own baby girl!

I don't think it's a baby at all. That box didn't look like something to hold a baby, the people that were around it didn't seem to understand why Gambit said it was a baby, and Spiral was surprised when gambit said "her" and referred to the treasure as "it". I think that whatever it is, everyone seems to see what they want to see or something. And why Gambit saw it as a baby after talking a lot about being a different person and "wanting it all" is anyone's guess \:\) .

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