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Subj: Re: Uncanny X-Men #15: PBP...
Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 at 08:01:06 am EDT (Viewed 112 times)
Reply Subj: Uncanny X-Men #15: PBP...
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 at 05:56:34 pm EDT (Viewed 117 times)

    01 Oh brother. Kill off this DB guy. When is it a good protocol to have ample oppurtunity to allow an open-door prisoner to collude with his captors?! And Shan should count her lucky stars that she's been literally reprogrammed 'cuz if DB does cure her then her merciful friends might justifiably just turn around and throw her in a cell next to him for her past collusion with Callahan.

Dark Beast is one of the few AOA characters I can stand. Generally, I like it when he's forced to work with the heroes.

But I wouldn't be so trusting of a guy who "improved himself" the way he has.

    02-04 So, Handler Val works for The State Department (and may or may not have a unscrupulous agenda). So, Cap literally and figuratively can't sell the Avengers Unity Squad concept anymore. So, State and Mightiest are currently fine with the X-men illegally imprisoning mutant supervillains in a pub basement.

IMO, Val always has an unscrupulous agenda.

So... let me get this straight: Savage Avengers is okay. But not mutants, except for Wolverine?

    05 New recruit Jono is an instigator, right off. [sarcasm]Yay! Plus, he must give off wicked mutant vibes for that dipwad rabbler to accuse him of being a mutie just 'cuz he wears a scarf.[/sarcasm]

Indeed. I often wear my scarf just like that.

    06 Odd 8-ball jacket choice for Cyke - any ideas why? His UXM's curent target is the MLF - conveniently easypeasy to locate - apparently they dumbly texted Reaper their plans before accepting him back. Whoa, Forearm seems to bop Cyke good...

Don't get the meaning behind the "8-ball jacket." Maybe they're just trying to be retro?

    07-09 Okay, WTH just happened? Foreman knocked Scott down and now he stands at a distance as the 2 teams face off?! Poor choreography moment. Who is the redhead in yellow and navy - is she the one in all yellow here: https://uncannyxmen.net/sites/default/files/images/team/liberationfront.jpg? Boring, typical, unscathing free-for-all added to recycled X-ideology debating, basically the same thing - the 50 shades of why No More Mutants is so bad. Marvel is going all out to show how Magik is far and above the better bamfer for the X-men.

Methinks Forearm is a chicken-spit idiot. He better hightail it after attacking from behind, unless he wants a name change to No-More-Arms.

Yup. The redhead must be Strobe.

And what the [bleep]? Once upon a time, Logan would have smelled these guys coming, even in a crowd. It's like writers completely forget he's more than just claws.

    10 Wow. Banshee should eat some carbs! Cyke easily drops the anorexic wailer (that has hooked up with Cable's kid for an untold reason). Scott has an awkward 'family reunion' with the whiney, stubborn, shortsighted Hope. Whoa, that is a cool shot of Logan sneaking up...

Really don't like this look for Sean. He shouldn't be a zombie.

Hope should know better than to whine about Cable not coming back like Cyclops. Cable's already come back from death.

    11 Okay, WTH just happened again? Poor choreography again ooor Logan going to gut Hope with gun on his boss but is ordered not to so he trips up to merely elbow her and screw up her aim...? And the shot still appears to hit head on into Scott's visor - but (we later learn) only is lethal enough to, what, vaporize his one eye...?

    12-14 We learn her assassination target (to save the future *rolls eyes*) is Anti-mutant activist spokeswoman Ms. Prestel introduced in this arc. We see a good use of Hope's power using Cyke and Wolvie's power to beat the heroes and (we later learn) survive Logan gutting her afterall.

Well, her powers affect other mutant powers. The only way I can see a projectile harming his eye is if she nullified his powers.

    15 What/why is that song DB is singing?

Ew. You probably shouldn't ask. It's a song ("Don't Do Anhything Illegal") written by Charles Manson. Yup. That Charles Manson.

    16-19 Oh brother. This guy is now the goto doctor for the UXM?! This guy thinks the UXM could consider him for membership?! This guy turned Cyclops into a walking gimmick clishe with one eye?! This guy fixes all the transmoded girls with an uninteresting wave of the hand treatment?! ... just kill off DB.

Well, look what he did to the Guthrie kid when he was "helping" Beast.

    20 Now, we have probably more supervillains in handcuffs in Harry's basement than we have UXM upstairs. Now, we have a self-loathing Warlock/Jaimedupe hybrid. Now, this chapter wasn't horrible (especially with nice art) but there was much of the directions/developments that were... disagreeable if not DISAGREEABLE.

I'll shortly be posting a list of resources the X-Men should have at their disposal. There's zero reason for them to be at Harry's.

    What did YOU find disagreeable here?

Lots, but it's a good tale, I guess.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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