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Subj: Re: Invaders #4: Prof. Xavier WAS ALWAYS a jerk?
Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 at 03:29:13 pm EDT (Viewed 389 times)
Reply Subj: Invaders #4: Prof. Xavier WAS ALWAYS a jerk?
Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 at 02:34:10 pm EDT (Viewed 456 times)


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)11:46:02 No.106929591
      I thought only Magneto called mutants Homo Superior.

    Prof calling 'em that hurt my ears.



      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)12:15:38 No.106930009
      Namor is erratic because he is traumatized by Tommy
      Very meta.

    Having read #1-#4 and feel it would be completely fair if someone questions Tommy who? The Meta? Not sure what that means as a reply. But the Tommy factor has been completely unconvincing on various levels.

Whenever someone describes something as meta, my first thought is that it is metatextual (self-referential to the genre).


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)12:21:39 No.106930108
      Byrne having to make up a reason for Namor's mood swings is still the funniest thing

    Nah, that was a good unabtrusive (retcon) thing.



      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)12:28:55 No.106930212
      Something that bothers me is how Namor in, modern books, interacts with Doom. Doom caused Betty Dean's death and she was Namor's first human friend.

    "..."makes strange bedfellows" and all that.

I never accept that explanation once a character attempts to kill a loved one. Likewise, Mystique should be on every X-Man's "kill first and ask no questions" list after Moira.


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)12:44:09 No.106930451
      Anyone remember when Xavier was a good guy, now any time he shows up or mentioned it is a portent of doom.

    Back when everythig about the X-Franchise was GOOD.



      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)12:54:42 No.106930604
      yup, anyone who thought taht namor's mutant status would be retconned was an idiot.

    Nah. Even if this re-reconfirms he is a mutant, it still makes more sense that he is a hybrid and should be genetically recognized, in some way, as different than the MU meaning of 'mutant'. Never likely to happen, though. What was the new argument that specifies why Squirrel Girl is NOT considered a mutant, again?

Something-something-squirrel blood... She was not born the way she is.


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)13:03:15 No.106930732
      Intro: A mutant that can turn humans into mutants!

    Presumably he died. He could've caused a mess of a huge racial divide if he'd lived. Of course, now that the specific one mutant's power concept is out there... Still, there've been variation of reliable transformation processes. And pretty much the idea of VAXX is the polar opposite...


San Fran X-Men had that story about flatscans being given mutant powers. The X-Men shut them down, telling them that whoever wanted to be like them was crazy because their life is a horror show. Um.. okay.

    Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)16:36:31 No.106933982
    So the real reason humans hate mutants and there are issues between mutants and everyone else was because Xavier was a mind tampering too - huh?

Well, no. Because the hatred goes back further than Xavier.

    Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)16:56:44 No.106934301
    repainting him more in terms of how McAvoy plays him
    Lissen, jackass, without the training those kids got, they'd likely either been hunted down and killed, "disappeared" and experimented on by the government, or they'd have become threats to humanity.

Book Xavier was like this long before any movies.


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)17:07:40 No.106934475
      Her father named her after Namor so her name is actually Namor but they call her Nay for short.

    Seriously?! Hope not. Legally naming her 'Nay' is cool honoring respect. Shortening it from the legal name Namor would be a cruel 'Boy Named Sue' thing.

I'm not sure how the Namor etymology goes, but it means "Avenging Son." Does Nay mean "Avenger?" "Mor" means "son?" \:D

    Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)17:19:14 No.106934676
    Most of them mutants did becomes threats to humanity...
    Cyclops went full mutant rights and started attacking Avengers and Inhumans
    Jean became an eldritch horror, nuked a planet, fucked up the Shi'Ar, and ran amok in space
    Warren became an Apocalypse cyborg that occasionally goes insane and attacks shit for no reason
    Iceman went gay
    And they all forgive Magneto and make him their leader over and over again between times when he is not genociding countries, stealing and launching nukes, and all around trying to take over humanity

No. The Cosmic Parrot nuked the planet. Not Jean.
You cannot blame Warren for what Apocalypse influence made him do.
WTF?! So gay is akin to genocidal mania?!


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)23:53:19 No.106940816
      remember when Xavier was a good guy
      Dude recruited child soldiers

    Originally not really, but...

Frankly, it's debatable if there's anything wrong with recruiting child soldiers. If said children are going to be targets, then they should be soldiers. The Allies did it during WWII against the Nazis. History is filled with this sort of thing. Sad? Yes. But arguably necessary.


      Anonymous 04/10/19(Wed)23:58:24 No.106940887
      remember when Xavier was a good guy

    He's always been a creep. He wanted to mindwipe Blob for refusing to join, creeped on Jean, didn't tell his students how dangerous the Danger Room was, had what was basically a rape-dungeon set up, used FBI contacts to cover up collateral damage and made his ailing and infirm teammates mop up the mansion after Juggernaut attacked. All during the Silver Age.

None of those are really true or bad. Mindwiping is a good tactic, imo. He didn't creep on Jean. He had feelings, which are totally normal, and he never acted on them. The Danger Rooms danger was not the issue, and he really didn't do anything wrong there, imo. Good use of FBI too.

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