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Subj: Re: Uncanny X-Men #16: Holy, Holey, Wholly...
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 at 12:55:37 pm EDT (Viewed 334 times)
Reply Subj: Uncanny X-Men #16: Holy, Holey, Wholly...
Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 at 11:59:34 am EDT (Viewed 419 times)

    • Cover CHEAT AND LIE! BAH! Yeah, yeah, it's a beautiful "Psylocke" teaser image and Logan is in this BUT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. C'mon, Marvel! Another wasteful cover choice to judge this book by?! BAH.

What we got was better, imo. Buh bye Joseph... again.

    • Quote page BORING AND PEEVING! Yeah, yeah, it's a BONUS page so there's that BUT old school comics had exciting splash pages to grab attention and this themed format is tiny plain font on a drab black page AND we don't even get clear indication of which X-men is saying this! Wasted breath. Do we have to convince ourselves into it being Scott 'cuz the ruby background matches the red fringe on his narration boxes done different?? Fine, then who gets the yellow fringe boxes after that, then the brown fringe boxes?? BAH!

Bonus? Bah. It's a waste.

    • Logan/Scott dynamic vs Alex/Scott dynamic is done good. We must ignore they ignore all past membership superhero philosophies of being ignored from their NEW AVENGERS and UNCANNY Avengers days.

Yeah. Not thrilled about that. I would have enjoyed it more if Cap flattly ignored Scott and only spoke to Alex. \:D

    • Nice Transia/Juggs tease to set up conflict. Sadly, the story ignores all things going on in X-Force - either before or after this, you decide if you want to bother.

Um. How can anyone in the world not know who Juggernaut is?

    • HOLEY CRAP! Magneto is here?! Pyro is bad again?! Random is bad now?! Yeah, yeah the story does it's job and fine misdirect, later on, to explain Mags BUT what about 'this' Pyro and Random! And no footnotes yet on how Av and Toady got there, so until then: Revolving Doored.

Given the circumstances, Pyro isn't surprising. At best, he's only ever been a fair weather good guy. Random has usually been sorta bad. Sure, he helped defend Utopia when he lived there, but before that, he was attacking the mansion with Exodus' Brotherhood/Acolytes.

    • No leader is ideally fine -at least to try- but it won't last. The old guys don't want it, the young'uns do - right there's a divisiveness that could lead to another SCHISM. Boooo. Maybe get a chairperson to schedule this vote-on-everything-we-do new direction or it won't last past 1 arc. And you're going to need someone to break the ties!

There's rarely a point in having a leader. Teams generally fight willy-nilly. Nobody ever listens to the "leader" unless they feel like it.

    • HOLEY CRAP! Yana nominates Hope to join the team - 2 days after shooting Cyke's eye out? Sheesh, that's cold. At least give us a scene with Hope to see if she shows any regret or reform? And then Hope goes and calls the kettle black by questioning Random's motives? Hmmph.

Cold shmold. If they've got Dark Beast working with them, there's no resaon not to include Hope. Lovely to see New Mutants defending Dark Beast. [/sarcasm] They know he almost killed Sam's brother, right?

I still don't think any bullet should ever be able to damage Scott's eyes. This just ignores the nature of his powers.

    • Great entrance by X-men to the fight. We must ignore their transport, intel, and prep since the writer believes the reader will find all that boring. Banshee must be on speed dial and, boy o boy, is he going to hell, physically. Sadly, Banshee ends up doing nothing (interesting) again.

Magik is their transport. Banshee was hanging with them since last issue. He was partnered with Hope.

    • HOLEY CRAP! IT'S JOSEPH?! Quick remind me, his last storyline/status! Ifff he wasn't dead, then good stuff to revisit him.

Joseph was put in the X-Brig on Utopia after he attacked the team in Magneto: Not A Hero. When the island sank, Danger let all of the inmates go. Before this, he had sacrificed himself to fix the polar damage Our Lord Magneto caused during the Magneto War. I'm sure Astra is out there pulling his strings somewhere and already has a plan to restore him.

    • HOLEY CRAP! Another dark and depressing Marvel beheading! Hmm... was it always Joseph with this new Brotherhood?

I'm very confused by this, too. Toad was involved with the Brotherhood at the end of X-Men Blue, but Toad is the type to work on both teams.

    • HOLEY CRAP! The reborn Revanche is back (already) with a vengeance! If this murderous action convinces the young'uns to vote a new member on, like they did Hope, as a means to increase numbers th...

Well, she's gotta do something to remain relevant.

    • HOLEY CRAP! WOLFSBANE DIED?! (And Dani has a psychic link to know she did?!)

Knew when she quit she was a goner. Not really sure how I feel about it. I don't like the character, but I don't like killing characters like this.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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