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Subj: It is a mess alright...
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    Well I think he is or it is just not referenced now, just like iron man's origin is now more Persian gulf/war on terror then Vietnam

IIRC a story during Claremont's second run indicated that Xavier served in Vietnam, not Korea. Not that that would solve the continuity problems...

It is part of a more general problem. Many important X-Book characters had their ages revised upwards several times over the years.

Wolverine was originally envisaged by Len Wein as a hot-blooded youngster, now he was born in the 1880s. Mystique, whose age was set as 30 in a 1983 story, is now also established as having been born in the 19th century.

In X-Men #1 (1963) Charles Xavier says he is "possibly the first such mutant" and that his parents worked on the first A-bomb project, leading many to conclude that at that point Lee and Kirby were writing him as being in his early 20s. Also, for Professor X to believe that he was possibly the first mutant, no mutant of whose existence he was aware could be older than him. Which is likely to include Magneto, who debuted shortly after that scene. (So at the time when Charles's secret crush on Jean was revealed, the age-difference between them may have been something like four or five years).

Later, when his stepbrother Juggernaut was introduced, it was revealed that they both were veterans of the Korean War. Which at the time (1965) meant that he must have been at the very least 30 years old in the present. Later still, in UXM #168, Charles Xavier's biography was linked to that of several people who had lived during World War 2. During the 1950s in Israel he first met Auschwitz survivor Magneto (who, as we can tell from later flashbacks, was a pubescent teenager when the war began; he thus must have been born in the mid-1920s, which makes him older than Charles). He also fell in love with another Holocaust survivor, Gaby Haller, and fell in love with her (which led to the birth of Legion). And together they fought against Nazi villain Baron Strucker (arch-enemy of Sgt. Fury and his Howlers during the war). So having Charles Xavier be a veteran of Vietnam, not Korea, doesn't solve all problems caused by the notorious sliding timescale, as he is still firmly established as a near-contemporary of Magneto and Gaby Haller. (It in fact causes further muddling, as in the story as originally written Charles went to Israel after his military service, not before). In the meantime, both Magneto and Charles have been rejuvenated (Magneto de-aged by Davan Shakari, Professor X a new clone body), but apparently not Gabrielle Haller.

As a side-note, let's briefly mention that both Magneto's and Professor X's children appear younger than they should be given that Magda's three children all should have been conceived in the 1940s and David Haller in the 1950s. There's also the matter of Charles Xavier's stay in Egypt in the 1950s, where he encountered Amahl Farouk for the first time and also ran into a young orphan called Ororo Munroe. Storm at that time was established as having lost her parents during the 1956 Suez Crisis, but since then she stayed young, so she must have been born decades later than that...

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