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Subj: Re: WAR of the REALMS - UNCANNY #1 [current Uncanny X-Men spoilers, as well]
Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 at 03:58:24 pm EDT (Viewed 356 times)
Reply Subj: Re: WAR of the REALMS - UNCANNY #1 [current Uncanny X-Men spoilers, as well]
Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 at 12:14:01 pm EDT (Viewed 342 times)


      So apparently Cyclops, Havok, Magik, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Multiple Man and Chamber are already a team. I didn't know - but I like it. It's a nice cross-section of prior teams.

    See current issues of Uncanny X-Men.

Maybe I'll start buying that. Reviews I've read have left me baffled regarding certain plot points. You yourself have raised some of these points, like, for example, why are the X-Men destitute?

Also, the absence of Wolverine in this War of the Realms story is, for me, a plus. I know he appears in the regular Uncanny.

    At the end of the latest issue, Moonstar doubles over at the psychic shock of Wolfsbane's supposed death (off panel).


(I hate that Meteor's gone. Saying "Bah" just isn't as satisfying without him in the audience.)

Killing off Wolfsbane would be really dumb. She's a science werewolf. She needs to meet the science vampire Morbius and then we need science horror stories. She has the perfect personality for stuff like that. Horrible things actually horrify her. And physically she herself, in her own eyes, is a horrible thing.

    Wolfsbane had quit the team because she was sick of being a superhero.

I can understand that. But that's the whole point of her. She's not a superhero. Not on the inside. On the inside she's a normal young woman who finds herself in abnormal situations that threaten her very sanity yet she soldiers on because she cares about her friends. Writers who can't write a character like that are just... inadequate.

    Also, this happened just after Cyclops lost an eye (I don't think there was any time to fit anything else), so... Either this cliffhanger is wrong or continuity is wacky.

Continuity is wacky for sure - but the cliffhanger may also be wrong.

    Egg WOMAN is Nanny.

She needs a more poultry-ish code name. Mother Goose?

Apparently nursery rhymes factor into her story line so maybe my suggestion isn't so silly.

"Mother Goose and Orphan-Maker" has a certain ring to it.

    Her MO has typically been to kidnap mutant children (killing their parents often, hence her main henchman, Orphan-Maker--very literal) in order to protect them.

I'm into these two. More, please, Marvel.

    In Uncanny X-Men #15, Hope Summers shot out his right eye, thus the bandages. I don't understand why this would mean no blasts out of the left eye. It's stupid.

Baffling. Is this strictly a War of the Realms anomaly?

    In Uncanny, we know his left eye is functional. Dark Beast comments on performing surgery and trying to avoid the blasts.

That, at least, makes sense.

    No ray guns... ever... please. Don't like superheroes with guns. Any guns.

How about ray-gloves? Ray-bracelets? Ray-sunglasses?

Probably Marvel doesn't want to remind us how generic Scott's power really is. But in a way that's the point of him. Punches in the face are generic too. But Steve Rogers turns punches in the face into an art form. Similarly, Scott turns ray blasts into an art form. He's the best there is at what he does. I think some writers don't get that. He's so good at what he does that he can wade into a melee with no armor, no force field, no invulnerability or healing factor - and emerge unscathed, enemies fallen all around him and not getting up any time soon.

    For Banshee, also see current issues of Uncanny X-Men. He's not really himself though -- he's like a zombie... literally.

Marvel is weird. Jubilee's a vampire. Banshee's a zombie. Does Banshee eat brains?


      Hope absorbs energy? I didn't know! Does she supply the juice for her ray gun?

    She's like a universal sponge. As an infant, she absorbed everything Rogue ever absorbed, making her a blank slate. She absorbs the mutant powers around her. Pretty sure she's absorbed energy in general once or twice.

I've read several stories that featured her and never once understood that she was absorbing energy. Wow.

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