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Subj: Re: War (otR). What is it good for?
Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 at 08:32:21 am PDT (Viewed 377 times)
Reply Subj: Re: WAR of the REALMS - UNCANNY #1 [current Uncanny X-Men spoilers, as well]
Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 at 04:18:49 am PDT (Viewed 336 times)

    War Of The Realms: Uncanny X-Men (2019-) #1 (of 3)

Is there any missed ironic parallel to Malekith's warring for the prosperity of his Dark Elves race at any cost to the X-men fighting forever for mutantkind to live well too that could have been touched on?

Read this the day it came out - but kept procrastinating a review because, although it was good (enough), couldn't type it up w/o quite a bit of negative War story elements to the contrary. The chief very offputting storypoint WAS the forced pigeonholing into continuity - especially with the last UXM Rahne Is Dead cliffhanger that you and Cap'sAm also pointed out. And speaking of Wolfsbane, the fine femme four cover was such a tease regarding her Au Naturel look. When was the last time she was in full wolf form? Her unstable molecule costume transforms when she goes full wolf, right? And full would be stronger than 1/2 wolf form vs WotR monsters, no?

Havok blasting a suspected private property house with ONLY suspected supervillains inside with full obliteration blast? Let's assume spot on intel?

Magik dropped her sword, a bit too clumsily, from being pushed and left it laying there to 'talk'. AND THEN we get ANOTHER MARVEL big fight, in recent times, where not one but two typically reliable members find a weak plot device rationale to leave their teammates in danger to go AWOL mid-battle. Plus, we get another instance of convenient X-porting trope where the hero can pinport exactly where they want (sight arguably unseen) when a story calls for it but other times can't be done to curtail the story. Like, only moments later (enough for Yana to gather brief selective valkyrior intel) Magik can't pop in anywhere close to Dani - in the sewers where she knows she fell? Who knows her rationale why she didn't use her magicks to go help Dani and Dupe then and there - especially since she jumped in blindly the second time. Not that it matters, since SOMEHOW Starsmore and Hope beat her to the rescue.

So, Yana released Hope from her cell BEFORE or AFTER they VOTE whether she is on the team. Whatever (see above). What was more... bothersome in that good calvary moment was the casual matter-of-fact reveal that they're keeping Sean locked in a (prison) cell, too. Talk about craptastic character exposition for him from the ApocTwins 'til now. Why not just retcon that Dr.Strange started to bring him back, like Sentry, but Sean vamoosed before the spell ended - that'd be something?

There's been lacking presentation of proper segue or scope of the WotR gimmick Event in most of the (continuity challenged) crossover books. This one was the exception with the numbers shown in-story and the tramautic devastation at the end. Also props to the clever way of bringing the UXM into this with the Asgardian connection to Dani. However, it's such a reading shame we did not get to see any of the summoning sequence of intel-sharing and sewer-falling nor do we even get a footnote to the issue showing the temporary-horrific cliffhanger ending. Those poor valkyrior are dead... at least 'til the make their way thru the Asgardian's Land of the Dead's standard revolving door.

    Honestly, I think the goofiness of the gimmick is why [Nanny and Orphan-Maker] were never used after their one arc. I like the Peter Pan angle, but the Humpty Dumpty appearance went over the line.

Nanny is one of my TOP worst X-Characters of all time because of the goofiness angle. She must waddle around worst than The Penguin on a fitbit run. Hate her character design for lasting past one adventure. Contrarily Orphan-Maker is such a cool name and this new look makes him look even cooler. The "Peter Pan" angle would be intriguing if they ever delved into it right instead of making them cartoonish filler foil fools. Especially, now if they worked in the VAXX storyline! But alas, they logically will be locked away in the basement of a tavern for the forseeable future.

    Maybe. Actually, long ago, I thought Cyclops could make a whole suit using ruby quartz that would transfer his blasts to different parts of his body.

That does have story potential. Whose tech? Stark, Shi'ar, some other up and coming MU namebrand? Hmm... if he was in a shell and the delivery system failed, would his optic blast be riccochetting inside pummeling his own body or would some crazy immunity logic kick in?


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