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Subj: Re: What Is The Current Status Of The Gorgon?
Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 at 12:22:42 pm EDT (Viewed 90 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Uncanny X-Men #18: House (of X) cleaning continues...
Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 at 04:21:54 pm EDT (Viewed 148 times)

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    Uncanny X-Men 018

    Meanwhile the X-housecleaning continues...

    Logan: Gone.

Yay! But... as if... :\

    Marauders: 6 Dead. SIX DEAD.
    Probably we're supposed to think they were toasted(dead) by Chamber. Maybe, maybe not. Easy enough to re-clone. Assuming they're the real 3rd?4th?5th? generation (and not some Emma sham).

Last we knew, there were no more clones. Uh huh uh huh.

Um... why the heck is Malice dressed like Polaris? I guess, maybe, she liked the look, but eesh. Is it 1989 again? Shouldn't they have been trying to be more incognito? Feh.

    Jono: Dead.
    Maybe, maybe not since his body chemistry was wonky before flatlining. Probably for the best for him since he went against the no-kill code.

    Sean: Dud.

What else?

    Sinister: Incarcerated.
    Something was fishy with his team-buster showing, as Cyke suspected too. So, let's see what prison Cap and the North Pole Avengers put him in.

Eh. He's supposed to be a team-buster. It's established he can pretty much give himself whatever powers he wants.

    Kwannon: Gone.
    Y'call that security? Logan never brought her back, maybe?

Not even sure why she was around.

    Havok: Injured.
    Let's see how this near insubstantial ghost mode pans out...

Feh. It's not even like he did much abnormal with his powers. Very strange.

    Shan: Gone.
    Whiny excuse in some ways. At least it looks like she paid for a decent new HQ for the team as a parting gift.

    Shogo: Gone.
    Adopted by Shan.

This is really what Xi'an needed to be doing, anyway. She's supposed to be the mother hen. She's got her two siblings, Face (the former Inferno baby), and now Shogo. Never mind that we inexplicably haven't seen the former 3 in ages.


    Some sidebar statements...

Eh. Seemed way too choreographed. I'm not completely convinced the whole scene was real.

    3: Argh. we have to assume that Emma was just the right distance to easily eavesdrop in Cyke's mind.

Heh. Distance shouldn't matter.

    4: Hope guns down Harpoon in retalliation of his killing Jono. How happy will Cyke be there?

Doesn't matter. He's not the boss anymore. \:D

    6: The art had more color than detail this time. The, granted, grabber cover choice all but ruins the surprise ending. Overall, it was a decent read mostly because STUFF HAPPENS. (Wonder if Layla knows about it. ;\) )

I'm not even sure Layla really "knows stuff" anymore. All of that knowledge was downloaded into her brain by her adult self who's from a questionably accurate timeline at this point.

Remember The Gorgon from the Enemy Of The State storyline? The last time that I recall seeing him was in Bendis's Dark Avengers storyline in the New Avengers, but obviously he's been seen since then. Has he been seen since Secret Wars? Or is he dead? Also, isn't he a total psychopath? If I recall, he killed Ares's son. Thanks.

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