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Subj: Empyre - X-men #4: The Power of Barf...
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Empyre: X-Men 004 (of 4)
> The stunning conclusion as X-Men, zombies, plant-men and more reach an explosive finale!
Stunning: that if the $5 book sells well. Explosive finale: as blantant spoiler pun.

This money-grab mini was not salvaged in any way with this poor conclusion.

Wolverine: On cover only. Does not appear. Pathetic marketing gimmick.

Scarlet Witch: Marvel villifies her as much as when she said NO MORE MUTANTS. She STUPIDLY, STUPIDLY, STUPIDLY brought back 16 million zombie mutants as lazy plot device to serve as coincidental roadbump to a faction of Event Cotati for 4 issues. Sooo, for 30 days she has been content with the Zombie Mutants being magically confined to Genosha and ready to star in the Empyre issues set in the Present... waitaminnit - this Invasion has lasted 30 DAYS?! COME ON! That has NOT BEEN presented right -or believable- at all! Blecch!

Dr.Strange: More arrogant than ever. TOO RUDE to Wong. Shamed Wanda which is actually good that SOMEBODY did. Couldn't muster a NO MORE ZOMBIE MUTANTS spell without a 30 Day delay.

Magik: DemonIVA and proud of it. Her ugly side - and we're not just talking Darkchylde. And her horde of Limbo Demons are still available for any needed deus ex machina to come.

Monet: Marvel's Supergirl only good for the sidelines. (And isn't her codename Penance now?)

Angel: To look pretty.

Madrox: Busy work.

Beast: Dirty rotten thief and proud of it.

Nightcrawler: Poser.

Hordeculture: Who cares?

Cotati and Zombies: Cliche tounge-eatINg-cheek humor that wasn't funny.

That big plant monster thingee: Embarrassingly pawns all of the USELESS psychic backup team that Yana assembled.

Explodey Boy: His Krakloned self shows up (for some tactical fail). Wastes sooo many pages regaling his pre-Ressurected zombie corpse with his first kiss experience - in lieu of excitement. The veracity and logic of talking to another incarnation of your original (mutant) self could've been interesting too but nothing like that is explored. And yet, for some reason his disgusting barfy boy counterpart ended up being more noble and heroic than all the X-men combined and essentially ends up challenging previous Event mockery: barfy Brian McAllister for title of Hero-Out-of-left-field.


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