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    Well, Marvel does have to be careful still with the spaceknights as they no longer have the ROM trademark. Of course given that IDW's success with ROM is......debatable, perhaps Marvel SHOULD spend the cash to get him back.

Hmm... is IDW still publishing him?

    Surely that trademark can't be THAT expensive, and some fans might welcome the triumphant return of ROM.

Surely. His return to the 6161 would be better than Conan is getting!


    As to ROM's armor being tougher then Galactus, issue 26 of his series had ROM and his doppelganger Terminator attacking Galactus. He easily resisted their combined neutralizers and ROM attacked Galactus' ship museum while Terminator eventually breached Galactus' shields and had his life drained by the devourer.

A classic tale and sad fate! It even showed an, albeit vague, internal scan of him (and by implication the 'other' half of ROM's real flesh/organs, right?) which was far more than plopping a brain in the metal head shell and calling it 'a cyborg' as seen in Cable ish.

    ROM's armor along with other Spaceknights was forged of plandanium alloy as I recall and it was tough enough to travel in space, near and/or through suns, withstand asteroids, etc. Similar to the Silver Surfer, but ROM also felt great pain when he was slashed by Wolverine's claws.

    As to pre-Rom spaceknights, well that makes sense given that the spaceknight was fully developed and waiting for ROM and others to volunteer for the process. It had to have been developed sometime, also Galador's culture is a large unknown. We saw some of it in ROM, but how was it back in the days before ROM? Dunno.

You could be right that pre-Rom tech was inferior in tranforming the spaceknights. Still, why not just keep the more fantastic and patented "Grafting Procedure". This was often shown in volume 1 along with internal and external visual panels, pleasingly peppered thru the early run. Marvel has, since, also needlessly (lazily?) retconned the whole dedicated mission statement team of this protector force to have been more pan-universal (but not as messily as they did with the Nova Corp or tying the Klyntar Venom's name to the Company's lost franchise).

Revisit #3 page 5.
Another grafting example.
IDW version.

    But overall the story stinks

    Also, years ago in one of the Cable comics, or perhaps X-force, didnt Marvel bring back the marvel owned versions of the Micronauts, calling them Microns and using Commander Rann, Marionette and a couple of others?

True. Cable #39 https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Cable_Vol_1_38, eh, and a few since https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Mari_(Earth-616)/Appearances. Also, "MARI" team, at times, went by name "ENIGMA FORCE". Hmm... did they never appear in a panel/arc with ROM?

I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss Dad & Dan.

IDW ROM stopped after 14 issues, and his tale was finished in a ROM/Micronauts crossover and he appeared in the final issues of their Transformers series at the time.

I think they claimed they were going to relaunch him again and they were doing an apparent 3 issue mini series of late that showed how the Wraiths came to Earth, but it stopped after 2 issues, in part due to the pandemic

However at the moment I haven't heard much about any new ROM series from them

Overall IDW ROM's armor was nicely upgraded and seemed more of a bio armor that could adapt at will to his needs, hence the easy storing and integration of weapons. His mission was still the same, but at first he was a bit ruthless and he and other spaceknights had no problem resorting to blowing up Wraith infected worlds if they couldn't be cleansed.....until he spent time on Earth.

However the art at times was not that great, except for Sal Buscema doing art on the back up stories \:\)

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