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Subj: I don't think you are supposed to like (most of) the X-Men right now.
Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2021 at 07:31:18 pm EDT (Viewed 127 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Don't worry...
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    Yessir. You are correct. The whole x lot need to be taught a lesson because they have all become insufferable…….

Is this transformation of the mutants from sympathetic victims of persecution into unpleasant supremacists meant to be a character arc of some kind? Or is it just that none of the current X-writers actually know how the X-Men were and so have just written them as if they were all part of a cult of bigots? Based on how Hickman handled the "heroes" during his Incursion storyline, either possibility could be valid.

An odd dichotomy is that these Krakoans, who pride themselves on how they are more evolved than sapiens, have now embraced attitudes that most human beings would consider unevolved. Is this new Homo superior civilization actually a devolution?

There's also the fact that, by embracing the form of immortality offered by Krakoa, the mutant have (unknowingly) made themselves into a biological version of what humans will be if they use technology to genetically-engineer themselves so that they can eventually join with and become part of the divine Artificial Intelligence of a Phalanx.

However, I don't think that you have to worry about the "House of X" situation lasting forever. Unlike his "Time Runs Out" storyline, where he wrote himself into a corner by destroying the Marvel Multiverse and had to use Franklin the magic god-boy as a deus ex machina to bring everything back to how it had been, Hickman has already woven a reset into his saga when, back in House of X#2, he had Destiny tell Moira that she would only live a total of ten lives, or eleven at the most.

This is Hickman's third epic story line. He always loves two things, showing power corrupting and punish hubris.

The Council of Reeds in Fantastic Four, and the Illuminati in his Avengers run and leading into Doom in Secret Wars. Is the quite council so different?

What is more, all the things the X-Men do are kind of classic sci-fi tropes of bad people. Using mind powers to manipulate people, extorting people with technological advancements, claiming sovereignty of planets without permission, or death not mattering wearing away on elements of humanity. None of it is even remotely new. but

I have long felt Krakoa is intentionally effecting them. Bringing out the worst parts of themselves. I was starting to lose faith in my theory, but the newest issue of X-Men asked about what the island's secret is. Though I think Moira is a part of it.

The question may become, why have the X-Men behave this way in their book? Think about it this way... after all is said and done, how much are humanity going to hate mutants NOW? How many mutants will want that taste of superiority they had?

When the dust settles, the mutants will have already started what humans always feared they would, and the X-Men get a decent amount of the blame. Hated and feared like never before.

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