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I had high hopes for X-Corp. I really did. I know Tini Howard said they had a corporate background and I hoped this would make for some prestige TV level, outside-the-box fun with corporate shenanigans.

So far, no good. They could still save the book, but not with this writing.

X-Corp 1 was just goofy with the big airship saving the day. Pretty sure Tini Howard didn't get that idea from their experiences in the corporate world.

But X-Corp 2 is far worse, because it is so hypocritical.

Remember how shocked we all were in HoX/PoX when we saw that ALL the mutants were welcome on Krakoa? All the evil, murderous mutant antagonists that have bedevilled the X-Men for the past 50 years of comics were now all friends? Sinister? Omega Red? Selene? Apocalypse? The Marauders, the Reavers? All of these monsters were welcome? All you had to be was a mutant and it didn't matter what you had done, you got a clean slate?

Sure that was a shock back then, but it also opened up so many new possibilities. All these former villains were now characters in play and the writers could do whatever they wanted with them. Once you accepted the central conceit, it seemed to open up a lot of fun possibilities.

And then X-Corp 2 features the Hellfire Gala, where all the mutants get to come and show the world how united and powerful these diverse and multifaceted mutants that stick together are. Yet right off the bat we see Quentin Quire using his powers to torment the Fenris twins for showing up to an event that they were actually invited to. Then Warren and Monet come out and tell the Fenris twins that they aren't welcome and that they don't want to do business with them, even though Howard failed to establish that the Fenris twins have a business of some sort to begin with, but I guess they do? What is it, Strucker Corp? In order to establish all this, they all basically gather in a circle and call the twins "Nazis" about 20 times.

Alienating people from society and calling them "nazis" is the surest way to ensure that those people become actual nazis. Telling members of your society that they are your enemies is the surest way to ensure that they become your enemies.

One of the biggest HoX/PoX innovations was uniting the protagonists with their antagonists. And let's look at some of these antagonists:

Omega Red: Serial Killer
Gorgon: the first time we met Gorgon he had just killed a child.
Selene: How many thousands of people has Selene killed in her centuries of existence?
Apocalypse: Mass murderer, also basically set up concentration camps in his Age of Apocalypse reality, and employed:
Dark Beast, the Josef Mengele of Apocalypse's concentration camps
Sinister, the eugeneticist who has performed torturous experiments on children
Mystique, the terrorist, who betrayed the X-Men over and over again
Death Squads like the Reavers and the Marauders

The X-Men have already embraced several unredeemable characters who have done extremely evil things, so Howard devoting a whole issue to just dragging the Fenris twins is really just Howard virtue-signalling. The X Books are the one Marvel set of titles where the protagonists can't have credibility to reject evil characters.

But we can always reject Nazis, right? Of course we can, and should. But all of the other evil mutants who have murdered and tortured for decades or centuries have a fresh start, so why bring in the Fenris twins just to establish that they don't also get a fresh start? The Krakoans keep Fabian Cortez around even though he is basically a racial supremacist who advocates for murder.

The Fenris twins cant be reformed like all the others?

Picking on these two nazis in particular feel awfully lazy.

Did they ever do anything notable, or is it just the nazi label that makes them so punchworthy?

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