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      I like renewal, and taking discarded characters and making something out of them. James Robinson did this a lot in Starman, Geoff Johns does it a lot, and the new X-Men paradigm has done it for so many characters, and they could do it for many more. I've always thought Thunderbird was a missed opportunity, and I'd love to see a new take on him.

    I have to agree. Thunderbird died in his third appearance. It is ridiculous to write him off so easily. Is that really enough to decide there is no potential? Wolverine in his first three appearances hardly set the world on fire, now hie is one of Marvel's most overused characters.

They wanted to shock the readers (and, in-story, the X-Men) with an unexpected death, and decided that Thunderbird was the most "expendable" character on the team. I consider this a legitimate decision. Characters aren't always killed off for lacking potential, that would be too easy. Some characters are even created to be killed off (notably people like Jor-El, Lara, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Ben, Richard and Mary Parker...), but if they are written well, the readers will still care about them.

    I remember that he served in the military, what was that experience like? What was living on the reservation like? Was there a love of his life? A one that got away? Relationship with his parents? Why join the X-Men if he was that pissed off?

The answer to your last question is that Professor X goaded him into it, saying that he would be a coward if he refused to join.

    With his death, there is so much more.

    What is it like to be a footnote X-Man? What would he be like with his brother? Would his younger brother now be older? Having died being so headstrong, would he be more cautious? What changes would he want to make?

I would guess that if he still was so headstrong as he was in his final appearance after serving as a Marine in Vietnam, then there is little chance of him being more prudent after his revival. If he did change, I suppose it would be a bit of a repeat of what happened with Wonder Man...

    Saying all that can been said about him has after three issues and handful of flashbacks show a bit of a lack of imagination, or lack of belief int eh complexity of the human condition.

The way I see it, John Proudstar has long been brought back in the shape of his younger brother James (who would not even exist as a character were it not for John's death). When James first appeared, the only notable differences between the two were that James isn't an ex-Marine or a Vietnam veteran, and that he isn't as suicidally headstrong as John. Are these differences so important?

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