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Subj: Re: Well see, here's the thing.
Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2021 at 08:47:57 am EDT (Viewed 87 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Well see, here's the thing.
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    They wanted to shock the readers (and, in-story, the X-Men) with an unexpected death, and decided that Thunderbird was the most "expendable" character on the team. I consider this a legitimate decision. Characters aren't always killed off for lacking potential, that would be too easy. Some characters are even created to be killed off (notably people like Jor-El, Lara, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Ben, Richard and Mary Parker...), but if they are written well, the readers will still care about them.

I'm not arguing he should come back. I am just saying it is ridiculous to assume there is nothing there to write. When someone has been along so little before dying they have nothing but potential.

Richard and Mary were made spies. Krypton has had countless back up features and a few mini-series over the decades fleshing out what their culture and society was like, and they were literally created just to blow up, and in their first appearance was ONLY the explosion, no people or anything.

    The answer to your last question is that Professor X goaded him into it, saying that he would be a coward if he refused to join.

That is not much of an answer. So, Xavier goaded him... but why would that work? Could someone god you into joining a paramilitary group that at the time already has a history of fighting superhuman terrorists and killer robots?

It is the same idea they used to get Ben Grimm to pilot the ship into space, and it was later retconned that he did it to make sure they were all okay, because that is not a very good reason its own.

There would have to be a reason why goading would work on him. Did he not like being talked down to by a white man? Was there a moment in Nam he acted as a coward, and wants to make up for it? Is it false bravado because he really realized it was the best way to leave the reservation forever? Know his brother was also a mutant and wanted to set an example, that you have to be tough in the world?

    I would guess that if he still was so headstrong as he was in his final appearance after serving as a Marine in Vietnam, then there is little chance of him being more prudent after his revival. If he did change, I suppose it would be a bit of a repeat of what happened with Wonder Man...

This is sort of the problem... you are guessing. It is how you would see it, not some writer who resurrected him.

    The way I see it, John Proudstar has long been brought back in the shape of his younger brother James (who would not even exist as a character were it not for John's death). When James first appeared, the only notable differences between the two were that James isn't an ex-Marine or a Vietnam veteran, and that he isn't as suicidally headstrong as John. Are these differences so important?

I don't care if John Proudstar comes back or not, I just don't like it when people claim characters can't have anything done with them.

You claim that there are only two notable differences, but one we have seen a lot of, and one far less. Large parts of his life are a mystery. what a writer could fill in.

James iodized his brother? Why? I have two older brothers, and I do not idolize either of them.

You say those are the only differences there are, in reality, they are just the only ones we know. Outside of the short time he was with the X-Men, all we know is what is filtered through James' eyes. Who is to say he saw his brother accurately, and that John was not trying to be the man his brother envisioned him as.

He might have committed crimes while in the military, and not got caught.

Seeing how little the X-Men cared about him, he might rejoin the military, or dive into his native American ancestry in some way we have not seen his brother do.

His death could push him into his culture's spiritual side.

The possibilities are all but endless. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean nobody else does.

But, yeah keep him dead. I have no love for the character, or his brother either for that matter. Whatever you do to them makes no never mind to me.

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