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Subj: Re: New mutant character ideas!
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2022 at 04:37:23 pm CDT (Viewed 40 times)
Reply Subj: New mutant character ideas!
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Sunbeam- A mutant who absorbs sunlight and converts it into super speed!! Think Superman but he only has access to his speed powers. When he runs he leaves a golden ray of light in his wake.

Peepshow- Female mutant who has the power to look through other peoples eyes within a half mile radius, as she trains and strengthens her power the radius will grow.

MiniMax- Mutant with the power to enlarge and shrink things and also bring them back to original size. He can only use this power on non organics. He does not have to be in physical contact with object for his power to work. Maybe through more training. So he pulls a knife and throws it and the knife coming at you becomes the size of a car. OR the opposite and he can shrink things like vehicles, put them in his pocket and return them to original size.

Here are some I thought of as kids of Dazzler if she got with different mutants.

Dazzler and Angel:
Their child would be able to radiate light AND healing energy AND be able to fly at the speed of light

Dazzler and Quicksilver (when he's a mutant)
Their Child would be able to run at the speed of light, obvs, but also fly and convert his body into energy, so basically like DC's the Ray

Dazzler and Banshee
Dazzler converts sound into light, so this child would be able to produce massive sound to use for their light conversion powers and would be able to fire sound waves as well as quantum blasts

Dazzler and Cyclops
Their child would be able to project quantum level light blasts out of their eyes

Dazzler and Iceman
This child would be able to create crystal ice prisms and refract her light rays through them in different colors, frequencies, and effects.

Dazzler and Gambit
This child would supercharge items like Gambit but at a much higher level of power, also be able to supercharge objects from a distance

Dazzler and Sunfire
This child would have Sunfire's powers amplified to nuclear levels

Dazzler and Magneto
This child would have amplified powers on the electromagnetic spectrum and further reach, aided by their light rays

Dazzler and Cable
This child would be able to fire fiber-optic binary based telecommunications into computer systems as well as having telepathic powers and Dazzler's basic level of light powers

Dazzler and Professor X
This Child would be able to handle massive telepathic activity on a level far beyond Professor Xavier, being able to use her light powers to broadcast her telepathy effortlessly at levels that would exhaust Xavier.

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