Rules for Posting

Just a few rules to live by when posting on the Spider-Man Message Board:

01. Try to make your posts related to the subject of the board.
The Spider-Man Message Board is meant to be a forum for Spider-Man discussion. It can be anything about Spidey--past stories, current stories, rumors, spoilers, Spidey cartoons, movies, action figures, speculation about future storylines, trivia, etc, but if it is not about Spider-Man or related characters, then please think twice before posting it. (Personal messages are still allowed, but please try to keep those to a minimum. We strongly suggest that you take messages which you know don't have any interest for others on the board to e-mail.)

02. No obscenities, please.
An occasional cuss word slips out now and then, but generally this board is for people of all ages and we don't want to offend. If you can't say it without a string of obscenities, don't post it here. No improper pictures either, please.

03. We've said this before and we'll say it again: NO insulting!
You can disagree with someone's opinion without resorting to petty insults to make your point. Feel free to debate ideas and opinions--but not the people expressing them. Insult posts will be deleted -- though messages may be reposted sans insulting comments. Repeat offenders will be banned indefinitely.

04. If you're going to post, post something worth discussion.
"Byrne sucks" or "Byrne is a god" is opinion, but it's not really discussion material. Post WHY you think something, and be ready to discuss it.

05. No spam, please.
A post that is purely spam will be deleted. Posters who consistantly post spam will be banned.

06. Speaking of which... any violation of these rules can get your post deleted or your ISP banned.
Bannings could be for a week, or more, or indefinitely. You may get a warning, or you may not. If you have a post that has been deleted, email the moderators. Do NOT post a message to the board asking why your post was deleted.

07. Feel free to use your real name or a screen name while posting.
But please, do not impersonate any one or use another poster's screen name. Ignoring this one is grounds for immidiate banning.

08. Mark your spoilers.
Check the "Spoilers box" to put *SPOILERS* in the subject line of the message, but NEVER the actual spoiler information itself.

09. Speaking of Spoilers... in regards to advance spoilers! (this rule is amended!)
Advanced Spoilers (meaning spoilers regarding comic book publications that are not on the stand and not available for sale to the general public, and information that has not been revealed via PREVIEWS or the various comic book news websites through the official companies) can be posted, but must be clearly labelled and must follow a format. The format is this: "Upcoming SPOILERS from *insert issue number here* (Storyline, if it applies)!" The spoiler box must be clicked. You must provide spoiler space in the post itself, enough so that the spoiler cannot be seen when you click on the post itself and you have to scroll down to see it. PLEASE try to avoice Chicken Little posts based on a fragment of a story. Fair enough?

10. Please only quote the relevant parts of a message in your follow-up.
Don't be lazy! Use your mouse to remove unnecessary lines from the input box.

These rules are simple and must be obeyed. If there are any questions, feel free to email the moderators. Our email addresses are at the very top of the SMB page. If you disagree with any of the aforementioned rules, please do not partake in the use of the SMB.

Thank you,

--The Management